Great How'd I end up in Amnesia? What else can go wrong?

Chapter 1

Meeting a Friend

by: Shypanda
I woke up and my head was pounding.
"Ugh... Where am I? Why don't I know where I am?" I mumbled. I got out of the strange bed and decided to look around a bit just to see if I could remember how I got in this creepy place. I opened some drawers and I found a drink labeled "Sanity Potion", another labeled "Laudanum", some oil, and a lantern.
"Oh God no... Sanity potion, laudanum, lantern... Fudgenubs! I'm in Amnesia... I remember playing it before here... Just perfect!" I growled. Suddenly I heard fast movement just outside the door. Knowing this game I ran straight to the closet and got in. The thing is the monsters usually knock down the door, but I heard the door swing open and slam shut. The closet doors were yanked open and I random guy jumps in with me. That's when I hear a grunt breaking down the door... Great! Just what the world needs... Well at least I'm not alone... For now...
"Great..." the guy in the closet with me whispered under his breath.
"Your the one who lead him in here!" I whispered yelled and the guy let out a squeak. I chuckled but stopped when the Grunt finally breaks down the door. We went dead quiet as we heart his grunts as he moved throughout the room. After what felt like hours, but was mere minutes he left. I gave a sigh of relief and got out of the closet as did the guy who lead that devil creature here. The guy had a white mask on with two circles for eyes and a line for a mouth. His brown hair cover over the mask just a little and he wore a shirt that said "Sup?" on it.
"Who are you and why did you have to scare me like that?!" He basically yelled.
"Sorry I thought you knew I was in there, but I guess YOU don't know how to look before you enter places! Who knows I could have been another monster or a naked man!" I stuck out my tongue at him and he sighed.
"Your right... My apologizes, but who are you and how did you get here anyways? I'm usually the only one here. Well other than the monsters, naked men, and pot sometimes Jesus,"
"Um... Pot and Jesus? Um okay. Oh sorry for my rudeness, my name is Melody. I was Skyping with my best friend Harmony, yes Melody and Harmony, while playing Amnesia on my computer next thing I know I wake up in that bed," I pointed to the bed, "What about you?"
"I was recording Amnesia because my fans on YouTube wanted to see more of it since I quit doing Amnesia and then here I am! I am never doing Amnesia again though this is ridiculous... Oh and my name is Ryan, but I am known as Cry,"
"Cry... I like it. Nice to met you," I gave him a friendly smile and stuck out my hand he took it, " Oh and I think we probably should get going... Unless you wish to go by yourself then I don't mind,"
"No, No. I could use a friend," Cry said nervously.

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