how did you became a fan of FOB, PATD, MCR and Green Day? (tell your tales folks!)

you may comment your own stories.. hahahaha ^_^

Chapter 1

patrick, brendon, gerard and billy hahaha

FOB- fall out boy
i became a fan when i heard their song "thnks fr the memrs" , i heard it on the radio and its really cool, so i bought their album and started listening to their other songs.. like the takes over the breaks over, what's this, dance dance, and i was quite thrilled when i found out that their genre is pop rock,... and im glad to know that they are related to PATD. (gonna watch their concert in august!)

PATD- panic! at the disco
im not a fan before... i just listen to ballad of mona lisa because it sounds cool... and the video is weird... then i watched jennifer's body and heard their song "new perspective" ... i was intrigued... so i searched for their other songs and im interested why the titles of their songs are like " lying is the best thing a girl can think of without taking her clothes off, or i write songs not tragedies... and i must admit that their songs are really good.. unfortunately.. i dont have their albums but i downloaded their songs.

MCR- my chemical romance
oh... yeah... nothing much to say about this band.. esceot that... they are way too awesome... to disband... helena, welcome to black parade.... all their songs are epic...

green day
i was watching the countdown when i saw their music video "wake me up when september ends"" he resembles gerard way.. hahaha... then 21 guns.. my 10th favorite rock songg.. hahaha...


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