Random Weird Stuff that Happens in my Life and Head.

so basically I just write about the weird, random, and funny things that happen in my life, and that happen inside of my head.

Chapter 1

The Darnest Things Kids Say and Do!

Look we all know that Kids are known to say crazy things right? We all have done it at one point or another. So here is some of the crazy random things I have said throughout my life time.

When I was about four or five my mom did a bible study with us about the story of creation from the Bible. She talked about how you know that after they ate the forbidden fruit and realized they were naked and covered themselves in fig leaves and all that. Afterwords my mom asked me If I have any questions. So knowing me I asked her this " So Mom. Does this mean that our ancestors were nudists?" The look on my mom's face when I said that! Priceless! I bet she didn't know I even knew that word! LOLZ!

Oops I did it again! When I was 7 years old I was watching Comedy Central with my dad. It was one of the Blue Collar Comedy Shows and Jeff Foxworthy was on at the time. Anyways he ended up telling a joke about how he met this couple backstage at one of the previous shows, and how their cousin got his nipple bit off by a beaver. And how I bet it was the first time that Newspaper has a Headline that used the word Beaver and Nipple in the same title. Knowing me I remember everything. And anyways the next day is Sunday. It was the Associate's Pastor Rod's Birthday. So my parents had gotten him this DVD with all these Christian Comedians on it. So anyways while we were giving him the gifts, I asked him if he liked jokes. He said yes. And I immediantly preced to tell him the Beaver Joke. My parents are in shock can't believe that I just said that, the Pastor is in Hysterics laughing at the fact that I just said that, and even though at the point church was just letting out.....Rod still had his mike headset on.........and there were still a good oh 40 to 50 people around me us at the time. They heard everything I said. They just keep starring at me in shock. In which I reply with "What? Was it something I said?" Needless to say we went home right then....I got in big trouble and my parents got really embarrassed by it.

When I was 12. We were walking TV and a Trojan commerical came on. knowing me and my loud mouth and how I never seem to shut up.... i commented with "You know that's a horrible name for a condom considering the fact that it's named after the Trojan Horse which was used to break into the city of Troy and let thousands of men in" I got sent to my room with no more TV for the rest of the day.

In 7th grade I started a Debate in My English Literature class I got the whole class including the teacher to get into a debate about what we believe was the right pronunciation of Kraken. It lasted 5 hours. And we are still debating it today even though we have a different teacher and has become our own inside joke amongst all the honor students in my grade! and just to confuse people I would keep switching sides on which way I thought it was pronounced. I love my English class people!

Look. My mom and I have pretty much nothing in common except for a couple of old 80's movies that we really like. Our favorite movie though is Spaceballs,and we watched it so many times that I managed to memorize every single line. So to annoy my mom, the next time we watched it. I would say the line, right before the actor did. If it has a cuss word i would just shout Bleep instead! It really got on her nerves! :)

I created a new term. It's known as Pineapple. It's a term for what you call a person who has Brown hair, but acts like a total blonde. So that means that they are brown on the inside and yellow on the inside just like a Pineapple. This is one of my sister's nicknames and I have basically managed to get everyone we know to refer to her as Pineapple! LOLZ! She hates it!

When I remember more of the crazy stuff I have said or done I will post more, along with any other random stuff I feel like adding to this because I am so freaking bored!

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