Radioactive (an original stroy)

Radioactive (an original stroy)

soooooooooo.....wats up?
I hath created a story for your reading pleasure. So read it.....or face my wrath. I WILL BEAT YOU WITH MY TINY FISTS O_o

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Chapter 1


Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize that one day, your going to be old, hell your gonna die! And you can't do jackshit about it. It's an eerie feeling, looking at someone older than you and thinking, "damn, that's gonna be me someday."
Woah, where did all that random emotional-ness come from? I frowned at the body in my hands. This one hadn't seemed like a particularly philosophical human. Oh well, maybe it was just me getting caught up in the initial rush that we need to live. I wondered what it might be like to have emotions all the time as the human's body crumbled to ash in my hands. I had already gone through the rest of his family and friends, that should be enough to get me through the week. I checked my watch, it was about time to get back. I surveyed the bloody scene around me. They had been hosting a party, hmm, I guess I really sucked the life out of it. My laugh echoed off the walls, ha sucked the life out, good one. I guess almost every thing seems like a joke when your dead inside, literally. I have no feelings, no consciences, no heartbeat, nothing, unless I take it from others. That's how we survive, us "Infected" that's what the government calls us. They consider what we have a disease. Well it's not. We are predators, it's how we live, just like how the humans kill animals. They call us monsters, but how are we any different than them? People are so hypocritical, I thought as I absent-mindedly licked some blood off my lips. I mean they made us this way, if people hadn't been so concerned with creating a new Super-Weapon, this wouldn't have happened. They built that nuclear plant on top of what they knew was a sacred site. The Dark Magic the resided there seeped into the plant, crept into every part. So when there was a spill, it made the outcome so much worse. Instead of killing the people caught in it, the Dark Magic made it so that we absorbed the destructive power, but it began eating us up from inside out. The powers we got cost everything that made us human. It causes you to be dead, emotionally and physically, everything you touch dies. When we take the life of a human, we get to live on. We take their life into us. At first, before our morality deserted us, many would try to hold in the decay. They didn't want to let it seep out and kill others, but the cost was to die a slow painful death. So we became what when needed to in order to live. We became Radioactive.

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