A message from guys (go to chapter 3)

so on this im going to write why guys do what they do. If you have any questions message me and ill make it into a chapter

Chapter 1

Our attractions

by: cjcj
So i often hear girls say and see pictures saying that "why can't guys like all girls and not just the pretty ones". It might not be that exact wording but you get the point.

Well the truth is we can't help it. We can't help being attracted to certain forms of beauty. I'm not saying this is an excuse to make fun of girls that were not being attracted to. But we wont be attracted to anyone.

Its like guys with abs. Girls are going to be naturally attracted to the. If there was two guys with the exact same personality wouldn't you girls pick the stronger one?

The difference between us is that you can exept people who arent what you really want. Its much more difficult for us to. We might not like it, but we cant help it.

I would never make fun of anyone. But i cant help being attracted to certain things in a girl. Im sorry, but im not attracted to overweight girls. And i doubt i ever will.

Its harsh. But its the truth. And it wont change.

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