I'm not okay

Chapter 1

I'm not okay.

You caused me to be this way.
You caused me to hate myself.
Every time I look in the mirror
I think of you.
Because I know I'll never be
Worth anything.
Isn't that what you told me?
Isn't it?
And yes I'm angry.
But I'm not going to just blame everything on you.
Because I was a part of this too.
I was stupid enough
To give you my heart, my trust.
But now can't you see?
What you have made me?
Is this what you want me to be?
Are you finally happy?
Did you succeed?
And you know, for a second you actually made me believe,
That I was worth something to you.
That you loved me.
That you truly cared.
But you don't and you've proved that to me so many times.
So I'm not okay.
And now there is nothing you can say
To stop me from being this way.
So goodbye.
You won't see me tonight.


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