Geek wars (Original Story)

Hunter is your normal teenager, just a extra sprinkle of dorkiness and to a few girls, a dash of cuteness. Well, make that one girl. Anyways, when I said Hunter was your normal teen, I mean he's pretty much normal. Crush included, confidence not included. He likes the most popular girl in school, yet completely ignores that fact that his best friend, Julie, likes him. Maybe Hunter's crush, Katie, could like him back. And when two girls like a guy, it's all love and war out on the battle field.

Chapter 1

Character info

Name- Hunter
Age- 15
Gender- Male
Hair- Dark brown, almost blackish, slightly messy hair
Eyes- Ocean blue
Skin- Slightly tan
Accessories- Always carries a notebook with a pencil tucked behind his ear.
Hobbies- Reading, writing, and hanging out with Julie.
Interest- Katie, school, and books
Crush- Katie
Friends- Matthew
Best Friend- Julie
Personality- Very shy and quiet, always stuck in a book. Hunter is what you could call 'nerdy' or 'dorky' but he is nice and appealing. His dark hair yet light colored eyes stand out in a crowd and his kindness in general could make you smile no matter what condition. He isn't attached to things very easily yet can be easily hurt or offended. Although he is dorky, he is also good with sports.

Name- Julie
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Hair- Light brown, thin, and always getting in her face.
Eyes- Dark brown eyes, almost black
Skin- Pale
Accessories- Black rimmed glasses
Hobbies- Drawing, doodling, playing video games
Interest- Hunter and art
Crush- Hunter
Friends- Kelsey
Best Friend- Hunter
Personality- Julie can be shy and quiet when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she won't shut up. She knows a lot about what you could be talking about in class so she'll draw instead, but she always has to ask for a pencil and paper from Hunter, which he always has. She gets is trouble a lot for drawing in class but Julie doesn't mind. She'll just grin it off.

Name- Katie
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Hair- Blonde with reddish highlights and dark roots
Eyes- Hazel
Skin- Tan
Accessories- Always wearing some kind of jewelry
Hobbies- Hanging out with friends, makeovers, texting, and secretly- reading
Interest- Zach, clothes, makeup, jewelry
Crush- Zach and secretly- Hunter
Friends- Basically the whole school!
Best Friend- Marcey
Personality- Katie is the popular that's nice but will bite if necessary. She doesn't have many enemies except the jealous. Katie is that kid that seems to have it all. Popularity, brains, looks, friends. All she needs to complete the set, is a boyfriend. There is a slight problem though, he's a geek. Well, Katie USE to be a geek too. But she doesn't want to go back to that. EVER.


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