This is the story that most of you picked from my little survey of what kind of story. So this is the winner, a demon story. Enjoy…
NOTE: I'm not particularly religious but this strongly depends on the Christian religion so if I get anything wrong please don't yell at me. If anything offends anyone's belief, sorry I'm only writing this to entertain.

Chapter 1


Humans are fragile, confused, and imperfect beings. Angels are strong, pure, and peaceful. Demons were cruel, twisted, cunning, and evil. Humans feel love but demons never knew it. Angels forgive but demons fell into greater hate. Angels and humans still wander but demons faded long ago. They were their own defeat but few still remain.

The humans think I'm insane when I hit my head against a wall, they think I see things. I only hear things telling me my fate, what eternal damnation is like and disturbing horrors beyond belief. I cannot silence them. These voices are my past. I was once a demon but now I'm fading and suffering more than usual.

I welcome true death with open arms, my afterlife has come to its end.
"Mommy," a young girl asked. "Why is that strange man sleeping in the street? Is he hurt?" The mother looked up from her phone and saw the dead man. His head was covered in blood with his mouth still open as if he were screaming. On the wall his blood spelled out, "Final silence."

Short but its a prologue for you. I'll try to post a new chapter in a few days.

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