And there was once my Home.

Becky is a quiet town girl and she moves to the country with her great aunt and finds out a secret.

Chapter 1

Leaving home.

I watched as the leaves brushed passed the car window. The scenery didn't excite me but Wendy was very entertained by it. Every minute I heard, "Oh Beck! Look at that tree!" or "Beck! Beck! Look its a bird!"
I could slept despite the tedious views. Wendy tried to entwine her fingers into mine but I pulled away quickly. Wendy was always trying. She was always trying too hard with me. She's such a bimbo. I hated her, honestly!
"Becky.. Come on aren't you excited?"
"No." I mumbled still fixed on the car window.
"But your Papa and I have arranged a great holiday for you."
"You're just trying to get rid of me." I said sharply turning my head towards her.
"But we'll be having your sister -"
"Half-sister." I said cutting her.
Wendy sighed. She sighed in the way which I truly hated. I felt more irritated by her.
I groaned and turned back to the window.
I closed my eyes hoping we'd arrive soon.
I became impatient and opened my eyes again. I turned on the radio, Diamonds by Rihanna was on so I quickly changed the channel. I didn't like Rihanna much. "Becky? Don't you like RiRi?"
I ignored her question. This woman, Wendy, was the wife of my Papa. Sh married him two years ago and she barely knows me!
"Wendy, you've known me for over two years."
"You haven't been very open to me."
I could be bothered to argue so I just returned to my window. The car was very hot and comfortless. I opened a my window. Wendy looked at me as if she wanted to swear.
"I'm sure you won't mind if I lit a ciggy? Everyone's breaking the rules, why not?"
"Be my guest."
She wound up my window.
"You can't smoke with the windows closed, you idiot!" I yelled.
"I'm not, I don't break my own rules like you."
"What rules have I broken?"
"You didn't ask if you could wind the window down!"
"That's ridiculous!"
"Shut up! Becky! How old are you 5?"
"Do I look five?"
"No, you act 10 years younger than you are!"
The car stopped abruptly at a red light which was almost hidden by tree leaves.
I opened the door and slammed it shut. I opened the boot and took out my rucksack.
Wendy watched in silence, flicking her curly blonde hair from her eyes.
I then started walking away to prove I was serious.
"Becky!" Screamed Wendy.
I carried on.
"How will you even get there? You stupid girl!"
I swooped around on my heels. "I'll hitchhike."
Wendy ran out of the car and rushed up to me in her heels. She was very unstable in her run. She caught up with me. I felt her skinny fingers grip onto my arm tightly. "GET BACK IN THE CAR."

I laughed at her.
"Becky you selfish little brat! Look at you, you ugly child! I'd be mad to let you hitchhike in my car. I'd be scared out of my wits, your black hair and pale white skin, I'd think you were some monster in the woods."
I just laughed at her to ridicule her. But inside I was taking it all in.
She was quite strong for such a barbie doll and I was very thin so she pulled me to the car. I felt very man-handled.

"I'll put on the child lock for you," She shouted.
Having no other choice, I waved my white flag and sat in the car. Resentfully, I stared out the window.

Only, 100000000 miles to go.


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