A Poem :)

Chapter 1

This Ones For You And Me.

I know I'm nowhere close to your idea superman, I'm no hero in disguise, all I can hope for is to be the one that puts that sparkle in your eyes. Ill never be able to steal the stars from the sky for you, or make your every wish come true. I do know that nothing will ever change the love I have for you. I know I'm not the most attractive guy and I suck at being a total romantic but you see through that and accept me for me. You make me feel wanted, and needed. Your my dream come true. I've never met anybody that I adore like I adore you. I love how I can make you smile just by saying the stupidest thing, you always know how to bring out the best in me. You're beauty has no comparison. Aphrodite and Calypso are nothing compared to you. Your beauty outshines all the beautiful stars that fill the midnight sky. I no longer feel alone, you make me feel so alive. You broke these chains made of steel that blinded me. Whatever life throws at me I know ill be able to face it with you. Your everything I could ever ask for. This goes out to you Ali, my beautiful angel sent from above.


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