Misfits ~Original Group Story~

Nine kids live their lives fighting, stealing, cheating, lying, and deceiving others. But soon, they find that they have powers. Can they use their powers for good, or will they be the thieves that they are? And someone is following them- but they don't know about the powers... What else could they be after?


Elizabeth (Beingdauntless)
Connor (CaptainCookiez)
Cameron (Cool2twin)
Kat (The_Kit_Kat_Artist)
Emery (WinForMeCato)

And me! :D

Chapter 1

Bree Emerson's POV

Bree's POV

I leaned my head into the book, getting a closer look at every letter that made up the word.

"What are you writing?" Asked a curious voice.

I glanced to my right, and saw the light blue eyes and familiar face of my closest friend, Matthew. He had squatted down next to me, and our sides touched.

We were shaded from the sun and people by the two buildings that we were in between and all of the garbage cans surrounding us. No one ever really went down this street anyway, so we didn't have high chances of being caught.

"A quote that I liked." I replied, concentrating, once again, on carefully copying the words onto the sheet of torn, discolored paper.

"I wish I could write, I would write all kinds of things," Matthew said, ruefully.

"Like what?" I asked, looking up at him.

Matthew had blonde hair, and an oval face with angular bones and rather hollow cheeks for a 15-year-old. His light blue eyes sparkled with curiosity and what might have been a twinge of jealousy.

"Stories about faraway places, and better lives. And I would write notes and letters to you and others. I could even help you forge! But no, I'm stuck as a Stealer. If I could write, I could even contact you if I ever got captured or anything like that!" He said, huffing angrily.

"Well, you're fast; Stealers need to be fast. And lithe and flexible like you." I add helpfully.

"Well so are you! But you're the only one in the gang who can write, so I guess it makes sense that you're a Forger."

"True; so see? I DO need to be a Forger."

"But... You could also teach me how to write," Matthew cocked his head at me.

"Maybe someday...," I say softly.

Matthew continues to stare at my work as I add the finishing letters.

"Read it," he says.

"Okay, it says: If something is thrown at you, catch it and throw it back, don't flinch." I say.

Matthew lingers for a minute more before getting up and walking to the other two Stealers for their assignments.

I sigh and pull out more sheets of paper, pens, pencils, erasers, and a few books that are parts of my assignments for that day. After doing at least 30 sheets of work, I mind starts to wander.

I lived in a group of thieves called the Group. I had been here since I was five, and I had survived because I had taught myself to read and write. Sure, we were thieves, but we also earned some of the money we made; I was a Forger; someone who forged things and sold them off as originals to make money.

Matthew and a couple of others were Stealers; they stole supplies, food, water, books, and other things that we used to survive.

We had 12 people in the Group; I was the only girl. We also had two Pick-pockets, three Defenders, (to keep away other gangs and groups) and three Cover-Ups who came up with stories and distracted the cops if they ever found us. Usually the Cover-Ups helped obtain food, water, clothing, and shelter with the Stealers.

I remembered the day that I had been found by the Group. I had been with Matthew who had run away from his house and we had found each other. We were both five, and I had been abandoned near some garbage cans. Matthew had run away from abusive, horrible parents. When the Group found us, they had only wanted Matt; they picked on me and started beating me up for being a girl.

Matt had stuck up for me and they had finally accepted me. Of course members of the Group were looking for the smallest thing that could be used to get me thrown out of the Group, but I taught myself how to read and write basic things. In a few weeks, I was a vital member of the Group. From there, my reading and writing skills only got better.

Matthew and I had been best friends since; even though he was a Stealer and I was a Forger.

Smiling at the memory, I quickly packed up my things and went on a walk in the back alley, bored and wanting to do something since Matthew wasn't around.

I had walked pretty deep into the alley when I heard a scratchy voice.

"Going somewhere?"

I turned around immediately, prepared to fight and saw another Group standing there. It was Jonah and his crew. They stood there, trying to look intimidating. Although they were all tall, the dirty faces and skinny bodies didn't make them that tough looking. But I knew them well; even if they didn't look tough, I knew that they were fast and strong, and could easily pin me down and hurt me.

"Hello, boys, I see you're still trying to find a living going around and attempting to scare people. Sad to say, you're all epic failures and that if you don't find ways to make money or find food and water, you won't last long," I said.

Jonah growled at me and barked an order.

I immediately turned and ran; even if I couldn't fight them, I might have been able to outrun them.

Unfortunately, some outran me and forced me to turn a different direction. This resulted in me being cornered against an old, crumbling brick wall.

I turned around and decided to fight; if I was going down, I might as well take some people with me. But I probably wouldn't get that many anyway.

The first guy came running at me, full force. I ducked his swing and swept his legs out from under him. His head hit the ground and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"I see you still haven't found very good recruits, Jonah," I say, my heart still hammering in my chest.

He narrowed his eyes and snarled and the next guy dived at me. I dropped and rolled to the side, then sprung up again and kicked him hard in the side.

Then, two guys came at me at once. I realized that one had a glinting knife.

My eyes widened but I prepared myself anyway. The wind started to blow strands of my chestnut brown hair into my face.

I kicked the one that didn't have a knife in the crotch, then punched him in the nose. I spun around to face the other guy, and the knife created a long gash in my arm.

I elbowed him from behind and he fell down; then jumped on him. I felt the air leave his body, so I got up and body slammed the other one.

I stood up, panting, ready to face the next person. There were only two guys left, standing near Jonah and they both looked a little scared that all of their Group members had gotten beaten up by a scrawny, 15-year-old girl.

One rushed a me anyway, and I kicked him in the shin as hard as I could. I heard something crack on the other person, and the impact made my foot hurt crazily. I gritted my teeth and steeled myself for the next person.

He hurtled himself at me, apparently giving up any other strategy that he had had. I sidestepped him, then kicked his butt so that he fell down flat on his stomach. He didn't struggle, I'm pretty sure he gave up, and I pinned his arms onto his back.

I suddenly felt someone grab me and I swung madly. My fist connected with something and the person cried out. I turned and saw Jonah, standing there clutching his nose, eyes full of fire. I was just about to leave when Jonah lunged at me.

I was caught off guard and he tackled me to the ground, pinning my arms down on my chest with his knees. He's pretty much sitting on me.

My head immediately hurts, and it feels like it's going to explode, but not with physical pain. It's something inside of it; feelings overwhelm me; but they aren't mine.

I feel fear, anger, frustration, surprise, confusion, and more. I realize that I'm sensing Jonah's feelings, and wear a small, smug smile because I can tell that he's a little impressed.

Jonah scowls, "I didn't think that you'd get this far." Blood drips from his nose onto his shirt.

"That's your problem, you guys underestimate girls!" I spit angrily in his face.

"You could join us, you can read and write, and you can fight and run. Maybe if you beg, we'll think about letting you join," he says, smirking.

I feel a new emotion overwhelm him; desperation.

"Wow, I never realized you were this desperate," I said. "But I should have expected it when I beat all of your other goons."

"Look, we need some help, okay? But we're not all that weak, just give it some time! Now are you going to plead for your life?" He asks, cutting my cheek with a knife. I never saw him pick up one, but now is not the time to think about it.

"Now just-" he starts, but I cut him off by wrenching one of my arms free and punching him in the nose again.

He cries out and I push him off of me, then kick him and run.

By now, the other members of his Group have come to and start to chase me, but they're slow.

I soon reach another dead end and I almost cry out in despair.

I see a garbage can that's bent, and broken, and I can't use it as much cover. I grab the lid that's lying on the ground and make myself as small as I can in a corner, pulling the lid against me.

Please don't see me, please don't see me! I beg desperately, not sure who I'm asking.

I squeeze my eyes shut tightly, knowing it's over and that I'll be dead soon.

I hear footsteps approach and I know that they're here.

"Where'd she go, this is the only place she could've ended up," a high-pitched, but still male, voice said.

"Look for her! We can't let a girl outsmart or beat us in anything!" The furious voice of Jonah calls out.

I pretend that I'm invisible, that no one can see me, and hope that they overlook me.

Someone all of a sudden yanks the garbage can lid off of me, and I almost start screaming, but the person sighs angrily and marches off.

"She's gone! How did she escape?" Someone yells.

I realize that they can't see me for some reason, and I feel immense joy.

All of a sudden I feel exhausted, but my happiness helps me stay focused on not being seen.

"She has to be here SOMEWHERE, she-" someone starts to say, but is interrupted.

I let the exhaustion take over, and stop focusing so hard.

"Look! There she is!" A guy with dark, curly hair and a gap-toothed grin pointed at me.

Jonah's face turned pale. "I don't know how you did that, but I'm going to find out. Boys, take her down." He commanded.

They all ran at me and kicked me. My head hurt and I coughed up some blood as they kept kicking.

"I can't believe you've gone to beating up girls. Jonah, you're a real coward!" I heard someone shout.

Everyone froze and was silent as they looked at the mysterious newcomers.

I panted for air and glanced at the figures. I realized that it was Matthew and the two other Stealers, along with the three Cover-Ups.

I felt empowered with hope now that I had at least a small chance of escaping. I tried with all of my strength to disappear once again, and it seemed to have worked because I saw people cry out in shock and anger when they noticed that I was gone.

I knew I couldn't keep this up for long, but it didn't matter; Jonah deserted us with a final cry of frustration and anger.

"Don't come back or ever even LAY A FINGER on Bree again!" Matthew yelled.

I let myself appear again.

"How did you do that?!" Matthew yelled in confusion and amazement.

"Dude, I don't think now's the time for questions. She looks like she needs help," another boy said.

Matthew and him helped me up and I immediately felt a wave of dizziness and nausea. I almost fell over, but they both caught me and helped me walk back to our camp-out.

As soon as they got me onto a thin mat, I collapsed on it and passed out.

*I'm so sorry that this is so long! You don't have to read this chapter, but the other chapters by other people will be much better!

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