All about me...

This is a are welcome to repost with your own answers not mine people!

Chapter 2


Name: Katlyn Leanne Bunch

Hair Color: Jet Black and super short, with my glasses on I look like Velma from Scooby-doo or Meg from Family Guy.

Height: 5'3 I used to be 5'4....... I shrunk! Did someone put me in the washer machine when I was asleep cause I am dry clean only!

Favorite things to do: Draw, read, play video games, get on line (especially quibblo), paintball, laser tag, cooking, eating, practice the piano, other stuff...

Turn Ons: Good personality, great sense of humor, smart ( and when i say smart I don't just mean smart I mean like super nerdy and kinda dorky but in a cute way kind of smart), I like sensitive guys who aren't afraid to show their emotions, Bonus if he can play an instrument or sing and has a six pack...... Oh and a definite must is dark Black hair. though if they don't have dark black hair i will settle for dark or light brown... but black hair is the sexiest in my opinion!

Turnoffs: rude guys, BO, talking while eating and smacking while they chew, most sports, bad breath, vain people, afros, mustache, mullets, dreadlocks, over muscles guys, slick back hair, and bad fake tans, also sweaty guys

Reason Behind Username: YESIMDATINGDEATHTHEKID is because in my head I am mentally dating Death The Kid.

Worst Thing I've ever done: Used to kinda's complicated and rather not talk about it...

Best thing I've ever done: Got Saved! Woo-Hoo! Is a Christian!

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