How did you find the bands you listen to today? (Repost)

Credits to ezophaGOTHomia (AKA YourGothicNightmare in her alternative account) for the idea.

This contains bands either from my iPod or that I remember...

[I'll keep updating this]

Chapter 1

A - C

Obviously, I'll include BANDS ONLY, so no other artists such as Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne, etc.

The Agonist
I was watching this video in YouTube called "Top 10 Female Metal Singers/Screamers" or something like that. The one in first place was Alissa White-Glutz. Eventually I wanted to know how real Metal sounded (I'm more of a punk and post-hardcore person), especially with a female singer--most people only think of male singers when it comes to Metal. So, I researched and found that Alissa was the singer of The Agonist, and listened to a couple songs-- "Thank You, Pain" and "Rise and Fall."

The All-American Rejects
My cousins used to like this song called "Dirty Little Secret." Back then I sorta ignored it and thought that it was just one of their teenage things (I was like 12 at that time and they're older than me). Eventually, one summer when they weren't in the provincial house, I used my cousin's computer which had the song files. She had a few AAR songs, which I copied to a USB. I eventually liked some of their songs.

All Time Low
My friend told me that a band called All Time Low was able to come to my country to perform just 'cause a petition was signed. Then I caught the ad on TV, and heard short parts of some of their songs. One that caught my attention was "I Feel Like Dancing". I listened to the whole song and got addicted. I eventually got all their other songs. (Listening to Toxic Valentine while typing this).

Artist vs. Poet
I was watching a YouTube video on someone's top favorite punk covers of pop songs. This band covered Bad Romance and I happened to like it. So far that's the only song I know, but I've added them to my "Bands to check out" list.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation
I used to love watching anime. I learned the 2nd opening theme of Naruto (Haruka Kanata) and one of the ending themes of FMA (Rewrite) were both by this band. I searched for the full versions of those songs and liked them.

Avenged Sevenfold
I was watching the music channel, about this local band talking about musicians that inspired them. One of the members said his favorite music video was "A Little Piece of Heaven" by this band. I watched the video and liked the story behind the song and the video! This is honestly my only fave song by them.

Black Veil Brides
Two of my friends mentioned the name "Andy Sixx". I got interested and searched him (with the knowledge he was rated top 1 in a "Hottest Guys" poll somewhere). I learned he was the singer of BVB and searched their songs.

Boys Like Girls
I saw their self-titled album in a store. I thought they might be interesting so I bought it. (Already knowing how "Thunder" sounded because I saw the MV). I liked their songs. Then when "Love Drunk" came out I liked it too!

Breaking Benjamin
I saw the MV of "Give Me a Sign" on the music channel and researched a few other songs.

Bullet For My Valentine
I saw the MV for "Bittersweet Memories" then I downloaded the song and liked it. I eventually searched some other songs.

The Cab
I heard a part of "Bounce" on TV and thought it was catchy. I got that song and a few others... I'm not really a fan though.

Capture the Crown
I saw that they covered In My Head by Jason Derulo for Punk Goes Pop. I liked their cover, and eventually got their other songs.

Circle Takes the Square
I honestly don't know much songs by them. But I found out about this skramz band because of one of YourGothicNightmare's posts :)

The Click Five
I had a classmate in 7th Grade who had a TC5 CD. I wasn't really familiar with them then, until I heard "Happy Birthday" by them on TV, and liked it and thought I'd rather have that song play on my birthday instead of the regular Happy Birthday for kids. I bought their 2 CDs.

Cobra Starship
I saw "Good Girls Go Bad" on TV. The video was open to judgment, but I kinda liked the song. I searched their other songs.

My friend let me listen to a song called "Suffocate". I liked the lyrics and the way it sounded. It made me imagine bad things happening to a certain person in school who the song reminds me of... I kinda have something against him. Don't ask, don't judge.

The Creepshow
I took a quiz on here about a Wedding Theme. It said I should get a horror theme (which I think is a good idea) and that good music suggestions are Evanescence and The Creepshow. I already knew the former, so decided to check out the latter. They sounded interesting 'cause I read that they sing about horror movies/story motifs.

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