I answered some random questions (So Bored!)

Chapter 1


1. What's your favorite color? Light blue, purple, and black
2. What are you wearing? Low cut T-shirt with jeans
3. One thing you can't live without? My best friend and my baby Jessie
4. Hot Topic or Zumiez? Hot Topic I guess
5. Favorite place you've been? Florida
6. Tv or movies? Movies
7. Who have you talked to recently? AJ and Quinn ^-^
8. Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Yes!
9. Lucky number? 9
10. Favorite band? Cant pick
11. Have you gotten drunk before? Yeah
12. Guitar or piano? Guitar
13. Do you speak more than one language? Yeah
14. If you got in a fight who would help kick their asss? Quinn ^-^
15. Your birthday is? March 31
16. Who would you die for? My best friend
17. Are you single? Am I?
18. Mommy or daddys girl? Neither.
19. Future job? Vet (love animals) ^-^
20. What do you look at first when you see someone? Teeth or face
21. What do you look for in a person? Good personality, Someone truthful, caring, Honest, loving, etc.


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