Completely Useless Random Facts

list of random facts some from my own knowledge, other I found online

Chapter 1

Facts I found at

-Charlie Brown's father was a barber.

-Parker Brothers prints roughly 50 billion dollars worth of Monopoly money each year.

-On average, there are 333 squares of toilet paper on each roll.

-The "Mexican Hat Dance" is the official dance of Mexico.

-Being unmarried can shorten a man's life by ten years.

-On land fired usually move quicker uphill than downhill.

-In 2002, the most popular boat name in the U.S. was Liberty.

-American car horns beep to the tone of F.

-1 in every 4 Americans has appeared on T.V.

-More money is spent on gardening than any other hobby.

-If you lined up all the slinkys ever made in a row they could wrap around the Earth 126 times.

-In medieval Japan, dentists extracted teeth with their hands.

-Technically speaking, a female "dude" is known as a "dudine."

-Belgians have tried to deliver mail using cats. It didn't work.

-In ancient Egypt, pillows were made of stone.

-In the middle ages chicken soup was considered an aphrodisiac.

-Ancient Rome had a rent-a-chariot business.

-In snow skiing, most men fall on their faces while most women fall on their behinds.

-Ropesville, Lariat, and Loop are all towns in Texas.

-The average cat has 24 whiskers.

-There are more telephones than people in Washington D.C.

-The Oval Office is only 22 feet long.

-When astronomer Tycho Brahe lost the tip of his nose in a duel he replaced it with a gold one.

-The fish reel was invented around 300 A.D.

-Grocery shoppers spend an average of 8 minutes waiting in line at the supermarket.

-The average cost of a movie ticket in 1940 was 24 cents.

-If you are standing on a mountain top and the conditions are just right you can see a lit match from 50 miles away.

-There are 68,000 miles of phone line in the Pentagon.

-When the golf ball was introduced in 1848, it was called a "gutta-percha."

-The average car in Japan is driven 4,400 miles per year, in the U.S. its 9,500 miles per year.

-The gnomon is the thing that casts the shadow on a sundial.

-The oldest person to ever be issued a driver's license in the U.S. was 109.

-The Statue of Liberty's fingernails weigh about 100 pounds apiece.

-A rouleau is another name of coins wrapped in a roll of paper.

-A single pair of Elvis' underpants has an estimated value of $1,300.

-In the 13th century, Europeans baptized children with beer.

-The typewriter was invented before the fountain pen.

-Before Prohibition, the most common form of drinking beer at home was drinking it out of a bucket filled at a local pub or brewery.

-The U.S. has never lost a war in which mules were used.

-Louis XIV owned 413 beds.

-If you were to count off 1 billion seconds it would take you 31.7 years.

-The Pentagon spent $50 million on Viagra for American troops and retirees in 1999.

-Each year, Americans use enough foam peanuts to fill ten 85-story buildings.

-The parents of the groom pay for the weddings in Thailand.

-Alaska is the state with the highest percentage of people who walk to work.

-The London Zoo employees an "entertainment director" for the animals.

-Blue neckties sell best, red ones sell second best.

-Top 4 high school hazing sports: swimming, diving, soccer, lacrosse.

-It is said the average person speaks only 10 minutes a day.

-The U.S. Postal Service owns 176,000 cars and trucks, the largest civilian vehicle fleet on earth.

-It is legal for the dead to vote if they die after they mail out their absentee ballot.

-In Venice, Venetian blinds are known as "Persian Blinds."

-Benjamin Franklin gave guitar lessons.

-When medieval Europeans burned witches, their families had to pay for the firewood.

-The two steps at the top and the two at the bottom are the four most dangerous steps in a stair case.

-French and African marigolds both come from North America.

-India has an estimated 550 million voters.

-It is illegal to water a garden in the rain in Montreal Canada.

-Minnesota has 99 lakes named mud lake.

-Adolph Hitler had his own private 15 car train named Amerika.

-You can loose your driver's license in Athens, Greece for being "poorly dressed" or "unbathed."

-Adults have, on average, 2 gallons of air in the space between their skin and their cloths.

-An exocannibal is a cannibal that eats only enemies and an indocannibal eats only friends.

-Al Capone's older brother Vince was a policeman in Nebraska.

-When the ancient Greeks played cards, aces were known as "dogs."

-The most used expression of any language is "OK."

-The average computer worker types 90,000 keystrokes in an 8-hour work shift.

-About 21,000 commercial airline flights are scheduled daily in the U.S. with only about 5,000 planes available to fly them.

-When Shakespeare moved to his new home, he named it "New Home".

-There is no ice sheet covering Iceland.

-The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

-Oregon has the most ghost towns of any other state.

-Wyoming Valley is so difficult to find because it is in Pennsylvania.

-This year, Harvard University will deny admission to an estimated 1,600 High School valedictorians.

-The sun is visible 24 hours a day during the summer months in Reykjavik, Iceland.

-The busiest stretch of highway in the U.S. is New York's George Washington Bridge.

-The first golf rule booklet was published in Scotland in 1754.

-The highest denomination ever minted by the U.S. Treasury was the $100,000 bill, the lowest was the 5 cent bill.

-Quotation marks have only been around for about 300 years, they're the youngest punctuation marks in the English language.

-India imported ice harvested from ponds in the U.S. in the 19th century.

-Warsaw is the city with the largest Polish population on earth, Chicago has the second largest.

-In the 1820's, a temperance movement tried to ban coffee and nearly succeeded.

-In 1912, the Archbishop of Paris declared dancing the tango a sin.

-Another word for volleyball is minonette.

-There is 118 groves etched into U.S. dimes, 119 in quarters. Verified

-In the 1500's England's Queen Elizabeth I outlawed wife beating after 10 p.m.

-Freud charged the equivalent of $8.10 per hour for his therapy lessons.

-Christopher Columbus's fee for "discovering" America was about $300.

-A person sneezing was the first thing Thomas Edison filmed with his movie camera.

-A champagne cork can travel as fast as 100 mph when it is popped.

-The "five golden rings" in the Twelve Days of Christmas weren't originally rings, they were ringed necked pheasants.

-Elvis was nearsighted and owned $60,000 worth of prescription sunglasses when he died.

-It isn't a "big band" unless it has 14 different instruments.

-The most popular T.V. show in Venezuela is the "Miss Venezuela Pageant."

-None of the characters in Shakespeare's plays smoke.

-If you refrigerate your rubber bands, they last longer.

-Police are sometimes called the "fuzz" because London police used to wear fuzzy helmets.

-There are more than 5,500 islands in the British Isles.

-The oldest vehicle in human history is a floating log.

-Saunas outnumber cars in Finland.

-Oklahoma is the U.S. state with the highest population of Native Americans. It has no Indian Reservations.

-If an entire family is overweight, the odds are the dog is too.

-A gozzard is a person who owns geese.

-Plants can suffer from jet lag.

-Spains Queen Isabella bathed only twice in her entire lifetime.

-The word "gullible" is not in the dictionary

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