'Ello, mates. I reckon that you lot shall have a pleasant time reading this.
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Chapter 1


Hey now! Let's get this partay started!

Confident_Me/epicsnicker~ Pure awesomeness. We never run out of things to talk about, and are alike in alot of ways. This is my rock, dudes! She is sporty, awesome, chatty, awesome, random(like me), and awesome. Did i mention awesome? So friend this person if you haven't already PLEASE!! :D

Catching_Fire/bewarethenargles~ Very friendly! One of my potterhead friends, oh yeah baby!

Crazyshhh/1DCHERRIESabs~ Yay, a directioner like me! She is very hilarious, and idk about you, but i can definitely see why you should friend her. She is very obsessed with cherries :).

The_Kit_Kat_Artist/ I_Love_Death_The_Kid~ She is epic!!!! And very fun! I lurve to talk to her. Also, she loves death the kid (hence her username)

Princessmimi~ A girl who is BOSS (and i mean boss) at making quizzes. This gurl is a big Britney Spears fan and 1D fan. She has a great personality, and i hope you will friend her!

NotTheStrongestPerson/ IAmWalkingThattLonelyRoad~ An awesome friend!! So help this gurl get to the # of 700 friends! Please!

HeavyMETALg~ An epic gurl who lurves Heavy Metal, so if you have some heavy metal recommendations, please recommend them to this gal!And very awesome, HOW COULD I HAVE NOT SAID THAT EARLIER!!! Anyways,
elephantlover23- A gurl who loves elephants, hands down! She is a girly girl who is really nice and friendly!

cjcj~ A dude who is an awesome dude. And always will be. Enough said? I think so. So friend the dude of AWESOMENESS!!!

and lastly, we are closing this ball game with a nice breaking ball (lol, that doesn't make sense, but hey!)

chocolatechipcookies: Now, please don't be offended how i compared you to a breaking ball. Y'know, when a ball curves as it approaches the batter? And breaking balls are boss, as you are. Also, they strike out batters quite an amount of times. okay, enough about breaking balls. She is so nice and is anuzzer potterhead! xD

That's all i got to say! Good day to you! And hey, maybe i'll make another chap. if i have the time. I'm really sorry if your name wasn't featured, but know that you are an excellent friend and i am blessed to have u all!! :D


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