Keepers of Hope (Original Group Story)

Chapter 43

Mary-ann Lesly Evans: Journey Through The Cave

While exploring the mountains we noticed a cave up ahead and decided to explore it.

Once inside the cave...

Samantha: Man! It's cold in here! Our clothes are still wet from swimming earlier!
Peter: I's freezing in here!
Me: I can fix that! creates a blast of air and aims it at everyone to dry their clothes
Elle: Well...our clothes our dry now...
Johnathon: But our hair looks weird!
Hiro: Uh...
Samantha: Haha! Hiro! your hair looks funny!
Hiro: does yours!
Me: In my defense...all our hair looks bad....I haven't quite perfected keeping clothes dry yet without messing up on the hair.
Elle: Yeah..looks like you still need to work on that. tries to flatten out her now frizzy hair
Me: I wonder what's on the other end of this cave?
Hiro: Probably a dead end that leads to no where..
Peter: I don't think so....I think I hear something up ahead.
Samantha: I think so too..but what is it? I can't tell and it seems so far away.
Me: It sounds like a waterfall.
Johnathon: A waterfall....inside a cave? That seems a bit impossible?
Me: And yet we all are magically here on this island...don't you think that's a little impossible as well?
Peter: It actually doesn't seem that far away.....we continue walking until we reach a waterfall
Me: It looks like there something on the other side of the water an exit or something.
Hiro: looks like we are going to get wet again.
Samantha: Who cares? I wanna see what's on the other side of that waterfall!
we walk through the waterfall and onto the other side

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