Keepers of Hope (Original Group Story)

Chapter 42

Samantha Louise Davis

When we reached mountain range, Hiro crossed his arms and grumbled something rather loudly, although I didn't quite hear it as I was busy inspecting the mountain.

There seemed to be some sort of cave peaking out of about half or less of the mountain. Something seemed to be pulling me towards it. I could almost hear David and Dad's voice all over again. I had to tell the others.

"Guys," I said, pointing to the wide opening. "Look. Look over there. Do you see it? The opening in the mountain. The cave."

All heads turned in the direction I was pointing in. "Yeah," Norelle replied, nodding. "Yes, I see it, Sam."

"And, there seems to be something about it," Johnathon said. "Something strange. I say we take a look."

"Good idea, John," Mary agreed, nodding as she did. "And it'll only take us a bit to get there. Besides, what else do we have to do?"

Peter chimed in, "There is something pulling me towards it. Almost like when I met you guys first, sort of."

"Yeah," I agreed, smiling as I remembered our first meeting. That day sure was eventful. "Anyway, let's get going."

Hiro sulked but kept walking with the rest of us. Good, I thought to myself. Well, at least good for now. No fighting and we'll get there in no time.

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