Keepers of Hope (Original Group Story)

Chapter 3

Mary-ann Lesly Evans

At Saint Catherines:

Sister Grace: Mary! I can use your help in the Garden!

Mary: Yes Auntie?

Sister Grace: Mary. I know I'm your Aunt, but please Refer to me as Sister Grace while in the Convict.

Mary; Yes. Sister Grace. (bows respectively) You said you needed my help?

Sister Grace: Yes. I do actually. Mary would you mind watering the Petunias over there? (points to where the Petunias are at on the high wall) I can't reach them. Do you mind your moving some of the water by the Petunias.

Mary: Of course not. (lifts the water from the pond over towards the petunias releasing the bubble and causing it to rain on them)

Sister Grace; Thank you Mary. You know. God has defiantly given you a blessing with your abilities. I'm glad that you are able to use them for the Greater Good.

Mary: So am I Sister Grace. Now if you excuse me, I have to meet Sister Elizabeth at the Town Square. We are going to be helping out at the local food drive today.

Sister Grace: Good Luck Dear!

(Mary Turn away and starts heading to the Market. While she is walking to talk a white flash overwhelms her and she is suddenly transported.)







After a second or two, I realised that I was far from home. The place the light had taken me seemed to be some sort of tropical island or something.

Mary's POV: Everywhere I look there was so much nature. There were so many exotic plants and animals here. Some in which I have never seen before except in books. There doesn't seem to be any other people here from what I can see. Maybe I should go looking. Maybe there are other people on the Island that can tell me how I got here? How did I get here? Why Am I here? Where is here? Oh....gosh. Auntie Grace is going to be so worried if I don't come back! And what about Sister Elizabeth? She expects my help at the food drive today! Oh gosh....what the heck happened?

(Goes off to explore the Island)

Little did I know, this was because of fate, and a long journey ahead was just beginning.....

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