Keepers of Hope (Original Group Story)

Chapter 1

Norelle Chasity Jones

I was outside, just sitting in the sand deep in thought. Why? Sand around me was pushed around and I looked up to see it was my brothers. Duke and Kyle smiled at me as Kyle waved his hands and formed water in them before squiting Duke. Duke growled as he formed fire in his hands and the two of them chased each other around the beach again

I sighed as my mom sat next me, "Elle.. what's wrong"

I whispered, "Why can't I control my element? Even Kitty can"

She sighed and whispered, "Light's a powerful thing.. from the books.. your great great great great aunt had troubles learning to control it too"

I nodded and blinked as the sky became cloudy and rain started pouring. My dad blinked standing up, "Everyone to the car"

My mom stood up and I watched my family pack, but a light randomly surrounded me and poof I was gone.


My mind focused on the sound of tropical birds hooting. I put my hands to to my fair skin and felt sand covering it. I sighed and wiped it off blinking. I ran my hands through my now unbraided hair looking around

Where was I?

As I rebraided my hair, I started to walk around, wondering if I was alone. Little did I know, this was because of fate, and a long journey ahead was just beginning

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