This is important.

Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
This is extremely important.

So you may or may not know Daniella. Also known as Dani or MusicFan.

Daniella was the first person who I met on this site. And we might as well be the same person. We look alike, we obsess over the same things, we have similar personality traits.

She stopped coming on a lot a while ago, cause she got bad, like me. Needless to say, I missed her. A lot. I was constantly afraid that she was dead, or dying, or something.

And I didn't know what I'd do without her if any of that was true.

She came back, though. Every so often she'd come online, and I'd be reassured that she was okay. Or alive, at least. I guess she was never really okay.

She came back the other day.

She says she's not going to come on anymore, because she doesn't like worrying people. And she says she doesn't know what's going to happen to her, but it'll probably end in suicide.

Someone is probably going to get offended by this, but it's the truth. Daniella is the only person who I am completely comfortable around and who knows every little minuscule detail about me that it is physically possible to know. And I don't mean just on this site, I mean everywhere.

Being on here and constantly being reminded of her... it's not going to be good for me. I get reminded of her enough everywhere else.

I really wanted to just leave yesterday, after I found out, but I guess it wouldn't be fair to just disappear without an explanation.

So yeah. Bye. For a while.



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