Shout outs to my awesome friends.

Chapter 1

It is now time.....

Where shall I start off. Well, all my friends are awesome, but I want to recognize these main ones. If you don't have them on your friends list, add them now! Amber, this girl is so sweet, and she is an amazing person to talk with. She is caring, and she is always there when you need to talk with someone.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daniella, she is a great person. She is caring, and a great listener. Or in this case reader. She is great at writing, and is not hesitant to respond to you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenni, she is, well she is a awesome person! Her and I nave nicknamed each other,(Don't you dare say it Jenni) and we don't care about them. She is always there, and just fun to talk with.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, here is Izzy the Potato queen. XD! She is very sweet, and she is so fun. She is awesome, and she is generally a nice person. Hard to find nice people today, but Izzy is one of them. And you have humorous conversations with her.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let me just say this, the moment I saw your user name, I knew we were going to be great friends! Epic, you are the most athletic girl I have met so far, and the one with the strongest foot. I don't want to play soccer with you, otherwise I will end up in the hospital.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dovve, you are so sweet, and caring. You are by far one of the sweetest person I have met on here. You write great stories, and you always do group ones. They are so fun to read, and sometimes they are all over the place. That is cool.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This girl, ladies and gentleman, is awesome! She is the greatest person, and she is very caring. She is always there, and just in general, a great person.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Emily is a very nice girl, and she is a great dancer. She is a great actor, and she is such a beautiful girl. She is smart, and she is a nice person to talk to.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kaity(Whichever one this is) you are a sweet girl, and you are beautiful to! You are a great person to talk to, and you are a cool girl. She is, one few people I have met that are nice to. But get on her bad side, just don't do it man.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shannon, you are such a cool girl! She is my James Bond buddy, and she is a great person! She writes good stories, and she is not afraid to tell the truth.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rachael is a cool person, and she is a great person to talk with. She is another few nice person that I know, and she is not afraid. She will always respond to your messages(Eventually), and won't ignore you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This girl, this girl is so freaking awesome! She is one of the few people that I have met that watch Duck Dynasty! That show is so awesome, but not as awesome as this girl! She is sweet, and caring, and she is a nice person.
More to be added later. I will just add on to this list, since its already here.

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