Love's Death (Owl on the Waves sequal)

Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Marissa Adams- Daughter of Poseidon; Huntress of Artemis
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
~ And Introducing~
Elizabeth Laurens- Daughter of Hebe

Chapter 1


There was a reason I was hanging off the side of a burning bus, really there was. And it also explained the purple goo coating my, well, everything and the pretty angry man in a rocket booster La-Z-Boy chair chasing me. And the giant gun he was about to shoot us with.
You see, Logan and I had been finishing out the school year at a near by academy in upstate New York called Trettle Locksmore's School for Gifted and Talented. Gifted and talented is certainly an understatement. Our best friend Marissa was immortal, I could read and control minds and Logan called lightning from the brightest of blue skies. You could say we defined gifted and talented. Chiron had cleared up a few, eh-hem, hiccups we had put in the system with the quest in April with our parents, the previous school we were at and oh yeah, the government. We might have torched a few cars, a hotel and a national park. Up until that day, no one had bothered us as we finished out the year. Logan had protested against the whole idea of going to any school, but I wouldn't let him miss out on information he might need. Love him dearly, but he's not the smartest person around.
Back to the burning bus hurtling down the interstate. Funny story, really. It was the end of the year field trip and the Sophomores were all going to NYC to a Broadway show and all that. I was bored out of my mind the instant we got there, the only interesting thing about the whole city was the Empire State Building. So Logan and I did what any logical teenager would in the city. We left the theater and went to get ice cream. On our way to the shop we had seen on the way in, an old man in a grimy faux leather recliner lounged out in front of an ally way. Passing by his little residence, we could smell him all the way from the edge of the walk. He must have been baking in the Northern sun for awhile; his stench was like moldy pizzas and rotten fish got together and had a baby that got left in a car in an Arizona parking lot. His skin was crispy red like a lobster's and his bathrobe was a tattered wreck. Logan had looked at me and I nodded once, knowing this was more than some poor shmuck out on the streets. He We tried to steer away when his eyes snapped open, a glowing purple surrounding white pupils. Long story short, we got shot at with the glue like purple goo, stole a bus that caught on fire and now you are caught up.
"We gotta ditch the bus!" I heard him yell back through the roaring flames. "The gas tank!"
"Keep driving!" I yelled at Logan, smoke filling my lungs and fingers slipping off the edge of the window.
The giant laser beam just barely missed my face, my cheek blistering from the heat as it streaked past and blew up a car in the fast lane. I hugged my body to the side of the bus, feet kicking at the metal to find traction.
"Raaaaawwwwwrrr!" the "man" bellowed, gaining on us.
"Good gods, who is this guy anyway?" I huffed to myself, palms sweating as the goo started to burn.
"Annalise?" Logan shouted. "You okay?"
"I'm fine!" I responded. "I have an idea. You are going to camp, right?"
"Duh! Hey, don't die!"
"Thanks!" I yelled sarcastically.
I got a better grip on the smoldering window frame and let go with one hand, searching my pocket for the key chain. Cars honked and smashed into one another. Thanks to Logan's oh so amazing driving skills, we were swerving into every lane. The wind that had been a blessing this morning battered us and fanned the flames. As soon as I got a good grip on the sword handle, I was flipped on my back, wrenching my fingers from the window. In a split second, I had grabbed onto the last part of the frame as the glass exploded.
''Holy crap, holy goddess load of crap,'' I thought frantically.
"The plan again?!" Logan shouted frantically.
I looked over my shoulder and through my loose hair, watching as the monster zoomed up closer on his recliner.
"I'll destroy you all, heroes!"
Closing my eyes, I carefully eased myself into his mind. It wasn't like anything I've heard before. It was almost....mechanical. Like a robot's but obviously and completely...human. Anger and fear clouded his judgement, one thought reeled through his mind. Self preservation. I snapped out and blinked on determination.
"Come and get me, fire boy," I taunted loud enough for him to hear over the cracking flames and blaring horns.
His eyes narrowed and he gave a leering smile, revealing yellowed teeth. He pressed a button on the arm chair and the boosters blasted more power, zooming up to my level. He pointed the gun, now a pistol, at my face and frowned.
"All heroes have to die. You are no exception."
I dropped down onto his lap, surprising him so much that the gun was dropped onto the speeding black top below. I scowled.
"How many have you killed?"
He stared at my blade, purple eyes wide. "I-uh-I don't know. Around seventeen but-"
"You're a demigod too," I said, surprised. "And you want to kill everyone else just like you? Why?"
For a second, the purple film disappeared to show bright blue eyes with normal black pupils. It was covered back up in seconds. "Because a hero's job is the worst of all. The curses...the quest!"
"What quest?" I demanded.
"The Young one's," he coughed. "But you won't have to deal with that like me. Think of it as a gift."
"Hephaestus would hate how you use the powers he gave you!" I shouted, pointing the tip of my blade at his neck.
He growled, shoving me back and holding my arms painfully. "He wants nothing to do with me anymore! It's the curse!"
I could feel the blood rushing to my head, the road speeding inches from my face. He lowered me to the ground and I screamed as the pavement streaked across my forehead. I kicked myself up right and with one swipe, took his head clean off.
"All monsters need to die," I said disgustedly. "You were no exception."
I shoved his body from the chair with a twinge of guilt, seeing this was actually a person and not a monster. I shook my self as I took over the controls. Be gloomy some other day, Annalise. You have to get to the burning bus, no?
I sped up next to the bus's double doors and pounded on the heated glass with one hand. Logan opened it with a crooked smile.
"Who is it?"
I rolled my eyes, shaking out my knotted hair as I set the chair to auto pilot. "Oh, you loser."
"I am hurt, really, I am."

"Annalise, why did you set a bus on fire?!"
I turned from my spot at the hill to face Rachel Dare with a smile. "Missed you too."
She tucked a lock of red hair behind her ear and hugged me quickly before messing with my own messy mop, fussing over the tangles. Peleus the dragon had already said his hello, purring contently around the tree. Logan talked with the Stoll brothers as they hosed down the smoking hunk of metal on the side of the road. Well, that was what they were supposed to be doing. It looked like they were trying to be Poseidon and hurt each other with the hoses and buckets. Logan catches my eye and waves with a huge grin. I shyly waved back and combed my fingers through my hair again to get the dirt and tangles out.
Rachel tsked. "You got it."
"Got what?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.
"The big doe eyes, the sighs, you got puppy love."
I snorted. "Where have you been?"
She fluttered her eyes at me, pretending to swoon. "Ooo, Logan, you big hunk of boy you."
I shoved her shoulder with a grin. "Oh shut up."
I squinted at the figure running up from the valley, orange shirt fitting him like designer clothes. I broke out into a huge smile. "Cal!"
He raced up to meet me, burying me in a big bear hug despite the low rumble Peleus emitted. "Ah, little sister!"
I laughed into his shoulder until he released, having to tilt my head up to meet his eyes. "You got huge."
He smiled down at me, warm brown eyes all excited. "I thought you guys weren't coming until the eighth."
"We uh....had some issues," I finished, gesturing towards the bus.
He cupped his hands to his mouth and bellowed, "HEY LOGAN!"
Logan looked back up and shouted back, "SUP CAL!"
Cal laughed, nodding a greeting to Rachel. She saluted him and gave me a one armed hug before racing down into the valley to meet Chiron as he leisurely trotted out of the Big House.
"How are ya, big brother?" I asked, flipping my hair upside down to put into a pony tail.
"Oh, fine," he said. "Just waiting for summer. Chiron finally agreed to let us branch out from the beach boarders this year. Experienced and quest campers only."
"That's cool, I guess," I said, straightening.
"You don't like the beach," he remembered.
"Not so much, no."
"Love!" he shouted happily, genuinely pleased with our early arrival.
Cal, Logan and I video chatted constantly after we enrolled in school, mostly at night because that's when we were free. Logan would have his friends constantly blaring music in his dorm so he'd go into the closet for quiet. I teased him that eventually he'd have to come out. Marissa and Dyllen joined the chats sometimes, but they were both busy. Anyways, my dorm supervisor was a super strict person, only allowing me talks with family members and people she knew, so that's where the brother sister bit came from.
Logan came jogging up to us, the Stoll brothers still bickering lightheartedly below.
"Hey, Cal," he said with that weird bro hug thing.
"How ya been, smarty pants?" Cal teased.
"Hey, only passed the grade because of this girl," Logan laughed, bumping my shoulder.
"Don't you forget it," I warned him with a grin.
Chiron finally came up beside us, smiling warmly. "I take it you made a mess along the way?"
I nodded. "That's one way of putting it."
"It's good to see you both back safely," he said with a pat on our shoulders.
"Thanks, Chiron," Logan said reverently.
"Come, let's get you situated in your cabins. Maybe I'll have the nymphs whip up a snack. Or would you like some of Rachel's lemon squares?"
I looked back at the open field beyond the smoking vehicle, to the silhouette of the distant city. The first time we stepped foot on camp soil, it had been three. Marissa Logan and I. It's down to two. Tears began to well up in my eyes and I swallowed that lump in my throat. She wasn't dead, she was alive. Better than alive, immortal. It didn't help the fact I missed her.
Something touched my hand and I looked down as Logan laced his fingers through mine. I met his eyes and he brushed away a tear that fell without me knowing. I kissed the back of his hand with a smile and we walked hand in hand into the grassy valley. It'll be okay. Marissa and I...we were a pair. She's still my best friend. Not gone.
Now it's just the matter of getting my stuff from the school...hopefully we can send some harpies in or something.

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