Stop the Hate!!!

I just joined this group! Check it out here:

Chapter 1


So I'm officially making an anti-hate group on Quibblo!

To rebel against everyone who are just hating on things because they want to or if they're jealous.

If you're opinion is mean,keep it to yourself.

My second in command/deputy or whatever you want to call it as I'm not into Army/Job position is Hannah/yutty or Nicknames_suck_.

If you agree with everything on there or just want to help stop the haters,please comment and join in.

If you do join,
Make sure to not hate on people.
Please repost this.
And maybe tell people not to hate if they hate on a story.

So please join and help every blog and every story or quiz on Quibblo be Hate Free!

Help Stop the Haterz!


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