Strengths Within

A group of people find themselves in a world full of mysterious, magical things. In this realm, fairies, witches, ghosts, gouls, wizards, and more exist. There's an upcoming battle, there is a darkness more powerful than fear itself coming. This darkness is able to destroy all beautiful life around it. So when the group of people stumble upon this place.. what will they do? how will they survive? Can they help?

Chapter 1


Before I start! Authors Go To This Link For Your Characters! Let Me Know About Any Changes And The Love Interests AND What Not!

I woke up to a ray of sunlight hitting my eyes. I looked all around as I laid there, trying to absorb my surroundings. The grass below me was soft and moist from the early morning dew. I looked up noticing a blue sky peeking out from tall green trees with white bark. I looked to my side, noticing how green the grass was. I gently ran my hand through a few pieces biting my lip whispering

"Where am I?"

I let out a deep breath, rubbing my green eyes and pulling leaves out of my brown hair. I stood up, looking down noticing I had no shoes, my bare feet were dirty and it looked like I had been running for miles in dirt.

What happened?


I was in my room, in the cottage where my mom and I live, reading a book about greek mythology when a white light flashed outside. I blinked standing up, laying my book down upside down so I wouldn't lose my place and walked over to the window opening it

"What in the world?"

Another flash of light erupted in the sky and everything around me started to spin

End of Flashback

I blinked as I rubbed my head anxiously, looking around at the surroundings again. I pushed my brown hair out of my face before taking off to my left and followed the path until I came across a mystical clearing where there was 8 paths total (one that I came from and seven others).

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