I'm Quitting Quibblo


Chapter 1


by: Clato
Listen guys. I know it started as a small break. But during my break from Quibblo, I realized how much of my life I was missing out on. Plus, I have too many messages after being gone for so long. I really hate to do this, but I have to quit for the better. I may delete. I may not. After all, this account could always start up again, and I don't want to have to start fresh.

Shout Outs:

[[Kikyo_Guardian:]] You are amazing. You've been with me from the near start, and I know how strong you are, especially after leaving and then coming back. I wish I had half of the courage you do.

[[fireworks356:]] Okay, okay. I know that I didn't know you for that long, but for the short time I did, you've proven to be an amazing and loyal friend. I hope you forgive me. :(

[[beingdauntless:]] Sigh I really didn't want to have to type this one... It stings... I know I'm your top friend. I hope I always will be. Honestly, you are an amazing person. You'll move on. You're find better friends than me...

[[time4dance:]] You were so fun to message with! Ugh, I hate having to leave everyone like this, especially you. You made Quibblo so fun for me. I hope you don't hate me for this.

[[Someone_Like_You:]] I'm actually listening to "Someone Like You" by Adele right now. I almost can't stand it. You're an amazingly talented author. And friend. And person. Don't ever give up on yourself-- you're great.

[[Fire_onthe_Water:]] Another bittersweet goodbye to an amazing person. Your username reminds me so much about this story right now: You are the fire and I am the water, extinguishing you. I'm very sorry-- you have been and will be one of my best internet friends. Ever.

[[Melly_AP:]] No. I'm sorry. You have been committed to Crimson Webs, and I left you. Don't give up on the story, though... just kill me or something. I hate to see talent wasted.

[[Marshmellowez:]] You really got me connected to writing. You were my real inspiration, and I feel like I'm letting it all go to waste... I'll be back someday. I promise.

[[Quibblo:]] Thanks for the amazing site. I hope to be back soon... I doubt that I'll delete...

And to all of my friends not acknowledged here: You-- yes, you-- played an important role in my experience here on Quibblo. Every single on of you wasn't just "another friend." You all accounted for something. All of you. And you all have heart to be able to stay here everyday and make the most of this website. I'll miss you. Now don't y'all go crazy and delete while I'm gone. ;')

In case I get angry and hate myself and delete this account, here is my backup account:

USERNAME: Loving_You
NICKNAME (AS OF NOW): Utterly_Yours


Thank you all! I will be back, I promise. You're all amazing people!!!



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