who will u marry?(chap 93)

Chapter 1

cold as ice

Landing lightly on the ground about a mile away from where you could hear your friends chatting around the fire as you begin walking through the forest toward them with Dante following close behind. So your saying, my father was the one who caused all this by not doing what he was supposed to do. No, Dante said frowning if it wasn’t your father it would have been someone else, and I think he knew that the darkness was growing in tarragon and that it would need someone to guide it through. Besides he says his hand reaching out to touch your cheek, who besides your father and mother could produce a child so beautiful and deadly. you pull back out of his reach, I can feel it, your going to leave me, just like they left me on the steps of the orphanage not even giving it a second thought, just like…, brushing away tears away hastily as you begin walking away swiftly. Grabbing your arm he forced you stop, and before you could stop him he pulled you into his arms as he lifted up ur chin forcing you to him in the eye, he whispered I know what happened before but I promise what ever happens I’ll Be there right with u. so that means you’ll travel with me, don’t worry im sure you‘ll fit right in with the other guys…., you continue excitedly.

Dante looked into her eyes, that were large, deep-set, the eyes were the color of warm honey, the pupils black, the irises encircled by a ring of shadow. The shape of her face made her eyes appear larger still. Ashanti seemed all eyes as she spoke, and those eyes absorbed and imprisoned him, as honey holds the inspecting fly. “Are you the ready?” she asked softly. Dante flicked a glance in the direction of the guys who were still completely oblivious to their presence. “No ,” this I wont do he said. He smiled so widely that a dimple graced his left cheek, but his dark eyes were frosty. "I'm afraid, ashanti , that even for someone with your ... notoriety ... I am sadly unable to oblige you by being one of your little pawns in your little scheme." Ashanti was momentarily distracted by his smile, so that it took a moment for you to register the rejection. Indignation seared you. How dare he? You saved him from certain death and now he was he was refusing to help. The words you had thought of flew from her mind. your cheeks pinked and your heart hammered painfully at the joy that sped across his face that had disappeared into a chilling indifference. With less confidence that you had possessed moments before, you drew a breath and were about to make your final plea.

Dante p.o.v
This wasn’t all like you thought it would go, you thought she would get angry and order you to leave like last time. But instead she held her temper in check, applying all her charms to get u to join with the others. As you look into her beautiful eyes you realized that as much as you wanted her for your mate, but it could not be because you were just an assassin, but Ashanti as princess, soon to be queen, she had been given every material comfort possible. The plan that he had put in place in order to build his fortune would be a starvation diet for her love of beauty and society. He would have to be a idiot not to realize that Ashanti still hoped that he would sweep her away from this miserable existence and into some fairytale life with him. And it hurt more than you ever thought it would now that you realized that it was a dream you could not encourage as u began to think of the nights that you held her safely in your arms. Even if he somehow miraculously convinced her family that he was a suitable candidate for her mate, he could never give her or the child that she might one day conceive, the lifestyle that she had been born to enjoy. Theirs would be a life of struggle and economy, and she deserved so much more.

"I can not stay here, ashanti, it is only a matter of time before I am discovered. I do not want to bring harm to you." When she did not soften, he said tensely, "I came to help you, not put you in further danger." She pressed her lips together in exasperation. "Certainly, danger is too much. I may not be rich and without servants, but that is hardly danger. I might not want to be without a kingdom or title, but surely I am sturdy enough to survive it?" She was standing there looking so defiant and courageous, he had difficulty disagreeing with her. He thought of the silks, the fine clothing she wore.

Your heart ached at the sight of him, so protective and serious. The knowledge that he did not love you any longer had no effect on the longings of your own heart. Which perhaps made you harsher than you might have been otherwise when you said, "I know you had intended not to involve yourself in this personally. I assure you that your added assistance will be well rewarded, when I am safely out of this predicament and you find my sister." It was his turn to look shocked. "That is not necessary I came to your aid as a friend, and in the stead of your parents he said quickly." You did not allow yourself to soften, even when you saw the hurt shining so clearly in his eyes. "You risk not only your own life, but the happiness of ones who truly care for you. And all for one to whom you owe no allegiance? You paused briefly hoping that he would, somehow, declare that he loved you still. He did not, merely staring mutely at you with no expression at all upon his face. "If you do not allow me to pay you for your service, when this is all behind us, I cannot accept your help you said fiercely." you thought he would refuse, the way his hand reached out as if to touch your cheek and then stilled as if there was a barrier between you and him. But he did not protest, merely stiffened, and said coldly, with a bow, "As u wish ur majesty."

You bustled toward him, pretending that you no longer cared. "You must be off, now. To be caught here would not bode well for you." For a moment, his eyes were focused on you and you had the uncanny sense that he knew how his words had hurt you. But all he said was, "I will contact you as soon as I have found ur sister." He leaned down as if to kiss u before he fished your necklace from his pocket placing it in the palm of your hand before closing your fingers over it .Whispering for you to be safe before disappearing once more into the night.

You walked slowly through the forest not eager to go back to your friends as you continued to think about what he (Dante) had said . After Dante had left, you closed the your eyes. You smiled, stretched his arms over his head feeling the warmth of the sun, and sighed as you removed your clothing standing before the ice cold lake. your parting from him was harder than you ever thought. You could smell the crushed grass on your skin, on which you and him had lain seemingly only hours before , wrapped in each others arms, loathe to say good-bye. You sighed again and then looking down at your reflection in the lake, before stepping into the ice cold water, before reluctantly washing away all traces of your nightly meeting with your assassin.

Waking quickly back toward your friends you stop when you feel someone watching u stopping u turn left and right. Out of the corner of your eye you see movement, crossing your arms over your chest. Come out right now, im in no mood for games, you say coldly. Kyle walked out from behind the tree smoothly. How long have u been watching me? You frown. Long enough to realize that your playing with fire, he said with a smirk, leaning against the tree. But believe me, spying on you is the last thing I wish to do he said casually pulling out a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it. Then why did u come looking for me? You asked quickly. But he smirked taking a long drag from his cigarette before he said, I don't know u tell me. Why he playing this game with you thought angrily looking into his eyes that danced with dark mischief and then it dawned on you what he meant. No , no it cant be possible they never said anything to me you said quietly , oh but it is he continued casually, you really didn’t think you could disappear for days on end without them knowing that something is not right. I suppose not, your cheeks began to redden slightly as your held your down in shame, like a child who had gotten caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar.


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