We Can Get Through It, No Matter What It Is...

We Can Get Through It, No Matter What It Is...

Hey, I'm Annabelle! I've only written a few stories so, don't butcher me too much! :P Haha, I hope you like this story!

Comment and tell me what you think!! :)
Love you guys!

Chapter 1


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess and a handsome prince.... Um, no. This isn't a fairytale. No where near a fairytale. Far from a fairytale. This is the story of a girl who nobody knew exsisted, except a few close friends, and one of the most popular jocks at Fairview High, Brett Clark. You know the type... Muscular, straight white teeth, tall, astonishingly good-looking. Becca isn't quite like that... she's different. She's a dancer so, she's slim and fit, long reddish-brown wavy hair, blue eyes. She isn't as well known as Brett, or so she thinks...

Her journey through high school has just begun. Will she finally figure out who she really is? Will she find love where she never expected?

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