My future projects! (read if you want)

Hellloooooooo i am planning on writing some new stories when my computer gets fixed! I got ideas from a ghost that wisited me a few nights ago and because of him I started loving the superheroes even more that I want to write fanfictiobn about them! God I love that ghost!

Chapter 1

If you havent read the intro read it!!!

Ok so as the intro said I was visited by a ghost who told me to write some fan fics! I read some and my opinion is that there is too little if thsm and some of them were just plain bad while some were awsome! No offence to anyone just my opinion! So I am writing some good fan fics! I am not saying that I anm a great writer but I think Im averege! These are the fanfics I am gonna write (when my retard computer gets fixed so you'll have to wait awihle!)
WARNING: These are gonna be love stories!

1. The Amazing SpiderMan ( I mean who doesent love Andrew Garfield?? He is sexxy spider!)

2. Fantastic Four / Jhonny Storm aka Human Torch ( Who doesent love Chris Evans he is hot especially in this movie! Get what Im saying?)

3. X-Men / Pyro (Hot stuff ;-))

4. Mysterious Island / Sean Anderson ( Its Josh Hutcherson people! On an abondend island,huge jungle alone! I mean who wouldnt raape him LOL im just plain crazy)

4. Austin Moon (I know I already have this one but its shiit so im re - writing it )

So that is some I had in mind and Ill definitly write it! If you have some suggestions commenz down below and ill take it mind! Thanjs for taking the time to read this!

Love ya guys, byeee!

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