The Female Marauder

The Female Marauder

A tom boy marauder falls in love :) thats all realy, or is it...

Chapter 1


Name: Alexandra Davids
Nicknames: Alex, Trouble, Wolfy
Age: 14
Description: Fun loving, Troblemaker, funny, good at keeping secrets, trustworthy, cool, popular, only female marauder
House: Gryffindor
Blood type: Pure
Family: Betheny Davids(mum), Richardson Davids(dad), Kathryn Davids (twin sister, goes to Beauxbattons)
Friends: Marauders, Lily,
Enemies: The Slytherins especialy Malfoys group and Snivilous
Animagi: Wolf
Likes: Playing Pranks, ocasionaly reading, hanging out with the marauders
Dislikes: Being girly, the slytherins, being called Alexandra
Bio: Hey Hey! Im Alexandra, but call me that and expect pain. It's Alex, or Wolfy, though some people call me trouble. My BFF's are the marauders and I am the first and ONLY female marauder. Me and the others like to play pranks on Snivilous and the Slytherins. My realy good friend is Lily Evans. I talk to her when I have boy problems. What, I'm a girl, just because I don't act like It I am one, and like any normal girl, I have boy problems! Well don't wanna miss the hogwarts express, I'm not speading the next 10 months on my mum lecturing me about how dyeing my hair blue was stupid :D

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