On Stranger Tides (A Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic)

Chapter 1


by: Hopey_xD
This story includes Johnny Depp's character, Captain Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates of The Caribbean movies, and the majority of his crew members.

The other characters are of my creation.

Name: Annabeth Tyler
Looks: long, dark hair, light brown eyes, and freckles from being in the sun.
Personality: stubborn, tends to not think things through, but she's intelligent when she actually uses her head.
Age: 18
Parents: Corrine Tyler, a lovely woman who works at the pub in their town's harbor. Her father is Captain Jack Sparrow, though he doesn't know she exists. (yet)
Dream: She wants to become a pirate captain of her own ship, hoping to find her father along the way, ally with him and then tell him she's his daughter.
Dress: petticoats, a skirt and a blouse (only if she's forced); she typically wears trousers, boots, a long sleeved shirt, and a vest.

Name: Andrew Nealy
Looks: pale ginger hair, slight stubble, pale blue eyes, freckles, a scar on his cheek that he tries to hide.
Personality: strong and loyal, he wouldn't leave Annabeth for anything.
Age: 19
Parents: William and Katherine Nealy, who run the ship-building business in the harbor.
Dream: to finally win over Annabeth by helping her find her father(AWHHH)
Dress: trousers and a shirt with sleeves that are usually rolled up to his elbows, sturdy black boots.

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