Chapter 1


I miss my crazy
when the world didn't have to make sense

Vision swirled
hearing altered
when dark and light could run together
when I was already better

In the crazy I'm not lonely
didn't you know I wasn't alone?
No, I had....
but now its gone

In that time when I felt sane
when I was worst of all
But in the end
all angels must fall

Colors now,
colors bright
get confused
the day and night

Insanity was a swirl
but sanity is dripping
I'm going to lose it
my mind is slipping

As the rope begins to fray
as the poison begins to leak
my ties to this earth are leaving
there's nothing I can keep

I'm walking on the edge of a cliff
I'm watering my plants

I have no pulse
no heartbeat
but there is electricity

I leave the world,
that dying place...
I leave my people,
the human race

I am a balloon
floating in the sky
there's no way to stop me
you can only say bye


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