Loved You First (Hogwarts love story).

So, this originally started out as a group story, but one of the writers won't write her chapter, blah blah– I made this on, so I hope it's okay. :)


Chapter 3

My heart was racing as we turned the narrow corners of the school halls. Hogwarts was eerie when nobody else was around. We narrowly avoided being caught by prefects. Also, we just avoided being caught by Peeves. We could hear him cackling up ahead so we turned back around and found another route to take.

We arrived at the Kitchens, still no noise to be heard. I glanced at the watch on my wrist and saw that it was gone past midnight already. I could tell Drida was tired. She said goodnight and went down the hall and disappeared into the Hufflepuff common room.

The rest of us continued until we came to the entrance of the dungeons where Dani left us.

After that left just Rose, Eleanor and I. The Ravenclaw common room was way further away so we would have to be quick and quiet while we made our way back to our common room.

Every bit if noise had us jumping behind statues and into empty classrooms. Of course, we eventually realised that no one was out there.

Sadly, though, that was not always the case.

We heard footsteps getting closer to where we were. Rose pulled Eleanor and I into an empty classroom and we waited, our breaths held.

The footsteps got closer when–


Rose and I turned, feeling the colour in our bodies drain away. Eleanor looked down at one of the glass bottles she had knocked over. It was in a million pieces at her feet. She looked wide eyes down at it and looked up only when the door began to open.

"Okay, that's it. We're done for," Rose muttered quietly.

Our faces fell when we saw who it was.

"What are you lot doing walking around?" Alex asked when he realised who it was.

My heart was still racing. No doubt that a teacher or prefect had heard that. My palms began to sweat- yeah, very attractive of me, I know. My stomach was twisting into knots. I don't know how everyone else can look so calm and relaxed when all I could think about was the detention we were bound to get tomorrow.

"What's it to you?" Rose replied to him when I found I couldn't. I shushed her because she was not whispering and I was absolutely terrified.

"Get in here, would you?" Eleanor asked the three boys. "No doubt peeves or someone heard that. And stay quiet!"

The three boys walked in and we closed the door behind them. In the distance we could hear the cackle of Peeves and it was a relief that the door was closed again. I didn't like having it open and letting us be exposed.

"Lumos," James muttered. A light appeared at the end of his wand, lighting up the entire classroom.

Each of us found a table and sat on it, or on a chair. I sat on a table across from Fred. No, that wasn't on purpose, thank you very much! It was just a coincidence, of course.

We sat in a circle, the six of us unsure of what to say.

"So..." Rose said breaking the silence. "This is awkward." We all laughed slightly at how true it was. You would swear we never talked before; we all have. Plus, James and Fred have been to my house plenty of times (sadly).

"We could always play truth or dare," James suggested.

"No way!" I said quickly. "The last time you made me play that..." I trailed off with a shiver which caused another round of laughter.

"Come on... I won't make you eat-"

"Shut up!" I exclaimed, now fully aware that Fred was there. He wasn't there when we played truth or dare the first time. Rose had been and felt my pain. I sighed deeply. "Fine, we're only playing to pass the time, all right?" The others nodded. "But-" I began.

"No buts!" Alex interrupted. "We're playing it as we always did without rules!"

I took a shaky breath. I knew that this was going to end in a disaster. Eleanor hopped up and found an empty beaker and brought it up to the centre table where nobody was sitting. Knowing how clumsy she was, Rose spun the bottle. It began to slow down, my heart thumping against my chest. Luckily, it didn't land on me.

It landed on Alex.

James chuckled. "I'll ask!" He said first. "Okay... Truth or dare?" He looked around at the three of us with a smirk.


"Who would you snog here?"

"Well, obviously Eleanor," he said. He didn't seem fazed by what he said at all. He saw our confused looks. "Mia's my sister which is way too gross.. Ew. And rose is your cousin so that would be weird. So, Eleanor."

"Fair enough," Fred said. He reached four and spun the bottle again. Once more, my heart began to race. This time it landed on Rose. Her face went pink as the boys smirked.

"Dare?" The boys cheered with a laugh. Rose immediately went pale again.

"And here I thought my cousin was a wuss," James said.

"I'll ask!" Fred intervened. He chuckled at his cousins face. He frowned for a minute, thinking of what he had to ask. Finally, his eyes lit up. "You have to snog Alex."

Rose made a disgusted noise in the back of her throat as she looked to Alex. I felt horrified for her. She gave me a sideways glance and I frowned.

"A dare's a dare," I muttered, shaking my head.

Reluctantly, she walked over and sat beside Alex and they began to snog. The rest of us didn't know what to do so we all looked to the ground. Ew. My brother and my best friend were snogging. That's... Ew.

But then I suddenly felt sad because I knew I had definitely no chance with Fred because maybe that's how Alex would feel.

Finally, the finished and Rose sat back beside me.

"I'm sorry," I said, patting her on the back. She gave me a shrug, her face gone red. This time I reached over and spun the bottle.

It slowed down and then landed on me. Of course; I spin the bottle so it just had to land on me. That was totally unfair.

"Truth!" I said before anyone could ask me. I shivered. No doubt if I picked dare they'd make me snog Potter because they know how much he irritates me.

"Is it true you still have a thing for Fred?" James asked.

My heart went racing again and I could feel myself blushing. But I shook my head. "As I said before: I didn't have good taste when I was in third year. I don't like Fred." I gave a final nod, folding my arms across my chest.

"Sure," James replied with a nudge to Fred who slapped his arm away. James laughed and we continued the game.

Alex was dared to prank Professor Longbottom tomorrow- much to Rose's disliking. She was very fond of professor Longbottom, as was I. He was a kind person and often when I was at Rose's he came to visit them. He really was a genuine person.

James admitted he had a thing for our friend Drida despite her being a Hufflepuff. What was wrong with Hufflepuff's? Rose was asked was Alex a good snogger which horribly she replied with a "I guess".

Eleanor was asked who she had a crush on in which she replied with Albus and James made a puking sound while we glared at him.

Fred was dared to throw dungbombs in the middle of the transfiguration courtyard. Of course, we all knew that would land him detention but he agreed reluctantly to do it.

At one in the morning we all decided it was time to go to bed. With a warning from Alex:

"Everything that happened here is not to ever be mentioned again, all right?" I had a feeling he was still thinking about the fact that he snogged Rose. Her face went pink when he glanced at her and quickly looked away.

We all agreed and made way to our common rooms. We got the riddle right and entered the Ravenclaw common room. Nobody else was awake, thankfully.

"So... Ew. My brother," I mumbled as we made our way over to the dormitories.

"Let's agree to never discus that again, okay?" she said.

"Agreed!" I replied.

Well, that was a strange way to begin the new year. First we almost get caught, then we play truth or dare and then Rose and Alex snogged. I don't think we'd ever have a first day back like this again. Of course, we promised not to say anything but obviously we were going to tell Drida and Dani. It was unfortunate and fortunate that they missed out on this.

I found my way to my bed and soon fell asleep, today's events playing through my mind once more.

COOKIERS FOR EVERYONE! ;D Thanks for the reviews, guys. They really do mean a lot to me, so thanks. Again. :P

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