Loved You First (Hogwarts love story).

So, this originally started out as a group story, but one of the writers won't write her chapter, blah blah– I made this on, so I hope it's okay. :)


Chapter 2

"What happened your face?" Dani asked, peering curiously at my face. I couldn't help but blush with a comment like that. Wow, and here I was thinking I would be saved from the boys taunting me and now my own best friends goes and– wait. She meant... Well, silly me, then.

My hand reached up to my forehead where I had hit it off the night-stand this morning. "I kind of hit it..." I mumbled. From the corner of my eye I could see Alex sniggering at my clumsiness. Curse him, anyway! I could have seriously hurt myself and he just laughs! That's absolute cheek! Now I was looking more forward to turning seventeen so I could hex the boogies out of him when we were at home!

"Oh, Mia," Dani said, her voice full of concern. To be honest, I think she was concerned for my well-being, mostly. I was rather clumsy. I'm going to blame it on my parents and say it's genetic. Why did I have to be born so clumsy? Why couldn't Alex be? I think I know who the Fates favoured, anyway. It certainly was not me, in case you didn't get that.

The door opened again, and in walked two others. It was my close (yes, another one) friend Drida Lockhart. She was closely followed by her friend, and I guess he was mine too, Logan. Logan was heaving a trunk into the compartment. He looked like he was under a lot of strain to get that in here. Was it really that heavy? Drida turned back to him and helped him take it in the rest of the way.

I knew straight away it was Drida's trunk.

Logan straightened up, and sat down next to me, looking exhausted. "It couldn't have been that heavy," James exclaimed.

Logan glowered at him. "Really? Did you really just say that?" Logan pretended to look offended, although I know he was only messing with James. Too bad. I would love if someone actually hit that cocky idiot across the face– sorry. "It's like carrying a trunk full of rocks! My back will never be the same! Thanks, Dri! You were so helpful!"

"It was my pleasure," Drida replied with a smile.

Eventually, at long last, the door opened to welcome one last friend of ours. Eleanor Jones, like Rose and I, was a Ravenclaw. She had straight blonde hair that goes down to her collarbone (she claims she's never put a straightner to it in her life and I have no choice but to believe her as electronics don't work inside Hogwarts); she had grey eyes that were fierce and sometimes intimidating.

"Hello, peasants," she said, entering to our slightly overcrowded compartment. "Gah! Isn't it lucky no one's claustrophobic, anyway!" We all laughed as she sat down next to Drida. I was sitting next to Fred (my luck, right?) and my heart was doing the Siege of Ennis inside my chest! (A type of Irish dance... Sorry, my father was Irish! Before he died he brought us over to Ireland all the time!).

See, my brain keeps saying: he's your brothers' friend! STOP LIKING HIM YOU IDIOT!

While my heart is like: Irish jig, Irish jig, Irish jig!

My brain and heart don't agree on much– unless food is involved; that's the same for everyone, mostly, to be fair!

I didn't realise I had been daydreaming until Alex, who was sitting across from me, waved in my face. "Seriously, you don't have to be rude," he said. I looked at him puzzled. "Drida asked you about your summer." He shook his head at how out of focus I was. I know what you're thinking: You sit with your brother on the train? Why, yes, I do. AND HE IS FRIENDS WITH FRED! Do you see where this is going?

Okay, maybe I lied. I still have a wee crush on Fred. Just a small one, though. Um, it's nothing major, though... I think.

I got a little tongue tied as all eyes looked at me. I was more aware of the fact that Fred was looking at me with those warm brown eyes. I quickly looked away from him and to Drida. "Sorry. Um, it could have been better. Alex decided to have Potter over." I narrowed my eyes at James and Alex who both began laughing lightly.

There was a few unfortunate happenings with their stupid pranks which involved me, dungbombs, and water balloons. Of course they'd take interest in muggle inventions! WATER BALLOONS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Although, I admit, the prank was creatively annoying.

The train ride was not very exciting. I wasn't listening to what they talked about because I was too busy fretting about this year, already. I do this before we arrive at school. I wonder what possibilities awaited me and would luck have its way with me this year. Especially when it came to romance. Of any sort!

I was fully aware I wasn't pretty, especially standing next to Rose, Dani, Eleanor and Drida. They always looked so nice and never, ever, once did I see a spot break out on their skin! Definitely unfair to me! I don't break out bad, but occasionally I get a spot that resembles Mount Everest! It's so embarrassing! Their hair always looked nice and glossy while mine always looked tousled! Boys flirted with them... They never noticed me.

It's this age I realise that boys don't exactly go for personality; that's not until we hit the twenties, mostly. But teen boys go for girls who look pretty. Not me.

As night fell, I closed my eyes, hoping to block out the chatter.

I fell into a dreamless sleep. Even my sleep is boring! Blah! I can never win, can I?

I woke to someone poking me. "I don't think she's alive- wait! She's breathing! Phew! That's a relief... Sort of," Alex's voice echoed around me. What a bad way to wake up. "Just shove her off your shoulder. I'm sure she'll be grand."

"I'm not shoving your sister off," Fred replied. I suddenly became aware of something warm pressed up against my cheek. Damn! Why couldn't my head fall the other way against the freaking window!?

"Should we.. Uh... Wake her?" Eleanor asked him. I could tell he was about to shrug, but then stopped when he remembered that my head was resting against his shoulder. I really should open my eyes right now... But... I don't know. I was probably making him uncomfortable.

"Um... Mia?" Fred said, tapping me softly on my shoulder with his free hand. My eyes fluttered open, and of course, my face went red right on queue. I sat up quickly, my heart beating faster now that my eyes were open.

I scooted away from Fred. Drida must have noticed how uncomfortable I felt because she quickly said to me, "time to change into your robes. We'll be there soon! Boys, if you'd kindly leave!"

Seeing as it appeared that I was the only one who wasn't changed yet, I quickly dressed into my robes once everybody was out of the compartment. At least it gave me time to compose myself after that embarrassing incident. Why don't I have any luck? What have I done to deserve this!? I took a deep breath. Get a grip, I told myself.

I opened the compartment door and allowed them back in. I was shocked when Fred sat back next to me. I had expected him to sit beside someone much better than me that wouldn't fall asleep on his shoulder.

Okay, he's my brothers' friend. He was out of my league. It's time to move on.

Finally, after what felt like forever, I saw the castle lights ahead. They glistened like stars, illuminating the night sky. I smiled as the castle drew nearer. At last I would be free to avoid any more awkward moments. I hope. As I said, I rarely have any luck.

The train came to a halt and there was much scrambling as everybody made their way out of the train. I walked a little ahead, my eyes not tearing away from the sight of the castle. Every year I'm captivated by its beauty. I stopped, just starting for a moment, remembering the first time I laid eyes on the castle in first year. I remember as we sailed across the velvety surface of the lake and when the hat announced I would be in Ravenclaw. I remember how the house welcomed me kindly.

Drida, dani, rose and Eleanor stood beside me, looking up as I was. The fog wrapped around us like a blanket and smoke came from each breath we took.

"It's good to be back," Rose said. Her voice brought me back to reality and I agreed with her. It most definitely was good to be back.

Dani's stomach groaned, startling us all. We stared at her. "Sorry– come on. I want food right now."

She led us ahead to the carriages that pulled themselves up. We got in, our stomachs filled with butterflies as the carriage pulled up in front of the castle. With a great joy, we entered Hogwarts School.

As usual, the sorting ceremony was held. First years looked nervous, everybody cheered– same thing every year. I could see, across at the hufflepuff table that Drida was tapping on the table with her finger, looking longingly at the empty golden plates before her. She was definitely hungry, that's for sure. Thinking about it, though, I was pretty hungry myself.

The speech, given by our headmaster, professor Caverly, seemed to drag on. I thought of my comfy bed up in the Ravenclaw tower and realised that it would be actually hours before I saw it.

Drida, dani, Eleanor, Rose and I have this tradition where we would wander the school on the first night back. We've done this since second year when we got lost one night in the school. Merlin knows we still don't know the halls perfectly in this school. You'll always find yourself down a hall you've never seen before here at Hogwarts.

"Where is the food?" Rose complained after another five minutes of listening to Caverly going on about how the forest is forbidden and blah, blah. I hardly listen anymore. "I really want chicken!"

"I'm tired," I told her.

She smirked. "Really? You got a good sleep on Fred's shoulder." Really? Did she REALLY have to bring that up? I WAS ASLEEP! I can't control my head while I sleep! I was glaring at her which made her smile more. "For the record, you two looked kind of cute together— seriously, though. My cousin is disgusting. You should like someone less... Him."

"I don't like him!" I snapped, my ears turning red.

She quirked a brow up, still smiling, now at my defensiveness. "Sure," she replied sarcastically. "Whatever you say."

The speech ended and food appeared on the golden plates. I wasn't aware how hungry I was until the amazing aroma of the different foods wafted through the air. Oh, the chicken did smell pretty good; and so did the roasted potatoes and even the gravy- okay. I was definitely craving food. Like everybody else in the hall, I grabbed for the food before me and began to eat. Ugh, it tasted so good.

When everybody was finished eating they made way for their dormitories. Everybody but the five of us. Yeah, we were a bit of a big group. I knew for certainty that we were likely to get caught- oh well.

"Thank god for food," Drida said as met up just outside the Great Hall. "That was the best thing I've had in ages!"

"You say that every year," Eleanor said with a smile. "Come on. Let's get out of here before anybody gets suspicious of us. That fifth year prefect is giving us the evil eye!" We hastily looked over and saw a Hufflepuff prefect, whose name I could not remember, looking over at us.

"Yeah, good idea," Dani agreed, pushing us lightly away from the prefects view. "I have a feeling this year is going to be great!"

"I just hope we don't get caught," Rose mumbled. She was always the worrier of the group.

"We won't," I said. I hope, I thought.

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