Loved You First (Hogwarts love story).

So, this originally started out as a group story, but one of the writers won't write her chapter, blah blah– I made this on, so I hope it's okay. :)


Chapter 1

I heard faint whispers as I slept. Voices beckoning me to wake, but alas, I would not. I couldn't. Well, technically speaking, I could; I did not want to would be the correct term. I had looked forward to this day for months, and now that it was here I could hardly get myself to open my eyes.

Sometimes I wish I was seventeen as then I could hex the disturber of my slumber and go back to sleep in peace; but then I would miss my most favourite day.

Currently it was September first. For most people my age it is a dreaded day; the day they returned to school after the long hot days of summer. It was goodbye sunshine and hello hours in a boring classroom with teachers that pressure them to do their best then give out to them when they do and it's not what the teachers wanted!

Luckily for me, I was no ordinary sixteen year old.

Today I would aboard the Hogwarts Express which would take me away to a school which I loved dearly: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Hogwarts was my second home. It's where I belonged and where I wasn't seen as the 'weird kid down the street'. You make one sewer pipe explode and they mark you for life as being the 'creepy kid'. Oh well, they still had to go to their boring jobs and their boring schools. I basically got to enrol in a school full of adventure and never ending drama, really.

"Mia, dear," my mother’s voice whispered more sternly as I let out a groan. "You don't want to miss the train, now do you?" Sleepily, I shook my head, my eyes still closed. "Right. Then I suggest you wake up before you do miss the train. Even Alex is up."

My eyes snapped open in disbelief; if Alex (my older brother by a year) was up then I most definitely was late.

I stumbled out of bed, of course managing to hit my head off of the nightstand (that would most definitely leave a mark!), and reached under my bed. I grabbed the handle of my trunk and pulled it out. I've had everything packed for months, but, wanting to be organised, I would go through it again.

Once I saw everything was there, I got up and shooed my mother out of my room so I could change.

I threw on my Ballycastle Bats jumper (which took me a long time to save up for) and a pair of jeans.

It's quite obvious (even without the jumper) that I support Ballycastle Bats, the second best quidditch team in the league. I had a teddy Barny the Fruitbat (BB's mascot) on my bed with sheets of the team’s symbol: a black background with a scarlet bat going across the middle.

I grabbed my teddy and put it neatly on top of my clothes in my trunk. I never, ever, leave behind my Barny. Yeah, I know, it's childish.

I ran from my room when I saw the time: eleven o'clock! I'M A LITTLE BIT LATE– but what's new?

Kings Cross is a ten minute drive from my house– if there's not traffic, that is. London can be quite busy a lot of the time. Eh, we'd get there on time... I hope.

My mother and my brother were waiting in the car- dang it. Alex got shotgun. I really need to get up earlier!

Alex had his Gryffindor scarf wrapped around his neck. I hope it's a little tight. Okay, yes, I admit it: I was still annoyed that they had won the quidditch cup last year. I mean, Ravenclaw had an amazing team (myself included, might I add) and we lost to them in the finals! It was totally unfair (and I don't use the word totally very often!).

The journey to Kings Cross was quicker than I expected. We arrived just as the clock hit quarter past (we had a five minute delay where I realised I had forgotten my broom. Whoops).

"I thought Ravenclaws were supposed to be smart?" Alex teased me as we emerged on the other side of platform nine and ten: platform nine and three quarters.

"I could still outwit you anyway, git," I replied. "I'm just forgetful, is all."

He rolled his eyes as my mother shushed us from bickering. "I'll see you two at Christmas, all right? Alex, be good this year. Merlin knows I do not want another letter home telling me what you, Fred, and James have done!"

Alex grinned. "I'll promise if it helps you sleep at night. It doesn't mean I'm being honest, though," he told her. "I thought you told us honesty was the best policy, and here you are practically begging me to lie to your face." He shook his head in mock disappointment. He saw her warning glare and smiled. "I'll do my best, mom."

I could tell my mother wasn't happy with her answer from him. She shook her head an pulled us into a hug- blah! Oxygen, slowly fading away- and then she released us! Thank Heavens!

We waved goodbye and boarded the train. All ready it was packed with students reuniting! Oh, honestly! Could they not reunite inside a compartment! The halls are hard enough to get through without people hugging and stuff in them!

Squeezing past a bunch of third years, I entered an empty compartment. Alex soon followed me in. Yeah, he adores me that much that he must stay with me. As if. He'd wait here until James or Fred came along and then leaves me. Hopefully my friends would join me sooner rather than later.

Sadly, they came later than Fred and James. Oh, lucky me.

"Hey, Alex!" James exclaimed opening the door. Of course, he was already wearing his Gryffindor robes, as was Fred. They just thought they were amazing because they were in Gryffindor. Oh, please. It's a house full of mostly cocky idiots. "Hello, little female Alex."

I glowered at James. "My name's Mia, Potter," I snapped. Let's just say that Alex's friends mostly annoyed me.

"Whoa, someone is not in a good mood," Fred noted. I bit my tongue before I made another remark.

I remember in third year I had a crush on Fred- how embarrassing.

However, just because I have no feelings for him now, doesn't take away the fact that he is rather good looking. I do NOT like him, whatsoever.

He had lightly tanned skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He mostly looked like his mother, Angelina. I'd rather not call her Ms Weasley as there's too many Weasley's! He took after his father in personality, though. I love his father’s shop in Diagon alley! Weasley Wizard Wheezes!

James, on the other hand had messy black hair, and brown eyes too. He had freckles, but they only covered around his nose and under his eyes. He's suppose to wear glasses but mostly doesn't. However, I do see him wearing them the rare times I see him at the library.

"Where's Rose?" I asked, ignoring the comment that Fred made.

James picked up on that rather quickly. "How come you always snap at me and never him?" he asked. "If I didn't know any better I'd reckon your little sister still has a crush on him, Alex."

If looks could kill I bet James would have dropped dead at that very second. Himself, Fred and my brother all began laughing at how red my face had gone (it was burning from embarrassment!). Honestly, boys are so immature! I honestly don't like Fred anymore!

So, when I was third year, after we returned from the Christmas holidays, word got out that I liked Fred. I soon found out that my brother found my diary and squealed like a pig to anybody who would listen. Since then, they've been rather insensitive about it. Although, they know that by now I don't like him and only say it because they know it bothers me very much.

"Oh, ha ha," I mocked them back. "I realise that when I was thirteen I was a complete idiot. I didn't have very good taste back then! You lot have to get over it!"

"Relax, Mia," Alex said, "we're only messing with you." He let out a long sigh and smiled as though he was about to laugh again. "You should really see how red your face has gone, though!"

"Oh, shut up," I said, but even then I gave a little grin.

"Look! She smiles!" James taunted me. "Hallelujah! It's a miracle!"

"So mature," I said.

Then the door opened and in walked two of my friends: Danielle Ross and Rose Weasley. That was two out of four! Thank Merlin they showed up now, though! I don't think I'd be able to handle James, Fred and Alex alone for much longer!

I noticed that they, too, were also dressed in their school uniforms. Rose wore a Ravenclaw one, which I too would be wearing shortly; Dani wore a Slytherin one.

The mean Slytherin's were still there, but Dani certainly wasn't one of them. She was nice to me and always stood up for people. He mother had been a death eater, but soon found her way and married (shockingly) a muggle man. I guess she really was sorry for her past.

I reckon Dani is only on Slytherin because her mother had been, as had the rest of her family had.

Still, I was lucky to have a friend like her.

What can I say? I chose my friends wisely and greatly!

"THANK GOD!" I practically screamed, jumping off my seat and pulling them into a hug. Yeah, I was very thankful that I was no longer alone. Did I mention I can't stand my brothers friends? I can barely stand him, as it is. But you can't choose family– unfortunately.

"I saw you only last week in Diagon Alley!" Rose giggled, pulling away from me. "Am I really that miss-able?"

"No!" James cut in before I could answer.

I gave her a look and she understood. As I said before: you can't choose family. Rose and James were cousins. They were close, though, almost like siblings. She understood my pain! Thank Merlin someone does!

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