Why Angel_Payne left Quibblo

Hey Angel_Payne just wanted me to tell all of her friends/story readers why she left so ya...

Chapter 1


Hello, this story is about Angel_Payne leaving quibblo! so heres the story

she was on her "websites" (movellas, quibblo, polyvore etc.) when her mom

out about the things she was reading and made her delete all of her accounts and when i mean all

i mean EVERYTHING and so she can no longer go on her "websites" and she

wanted me to tell you guys that " I'm so very very sorry for this happening!!! i'm

just as sad as all of you (all of you who are sad) and i'm very sorry i didn't finish

all of my stories!! but that doesn't mean i don't have connections to your guys

stories (which is me the one writing the story and ana_smiles etc etc) and i will

always find a way to read, always!!!!!!!!"


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