Blythe Sparrow: The Heart of Davy Jones

Blythe Sparrow: The Heart of Davy Jones

If ever there was anyone that Captain Jack Sparrow actually cared for, it was his younger sister, Blythe...Jack's time in being captain of the Black Pearl is up and Davy Jones is after him. Blythe is worried about losing her brother, because she has no idea what to do without him. Jack is also worried about what should happen to Blythe, should he go to Davy Jones' Locker, because lately, Blythe is suffering from on-again off-again depression.

Chapter 1

Part One

I leaned against the railing, listening to the lapping of the waves. It was the middle of the night, and Gibbs was walking around on deck, drinking rum and singing. Adrian was asleep, having passed out after sitting on the stairs a while and getting bored.
Mist curled around the ship and the moon peeked out from somewhere among the clouds.
Jack was bound to get back to us any minute now, with whatever it was he'd needed to get so badly.
Anamaria came up on deck and stood beside me. She looked at Adrian, then at me.
I sighed. "Please, Anamaria, I don't want to go through this again. I'm tired and I feel grumpy and I just wish that Jack would hurry up and get back."
For the last year, Adrian had continued to fall deeper in love with me, and Anamaria was desperate to get us together.
Anamaria sighed, too. "Blythe, you just turned twenty. In twenty years of life, has anyone ever loved you the way that boy does?"
"Maybe I just don't want love."
"What do you mean? Everyone wants love. Even the most staunch and blood-thirsty pirates want love, Blythe."
I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. "I'm not everyone."
She smiled. "Aye, now your starting make sense."
There was a splash behind us and we turned to see Jack, just approaching the ship in a coffin. Gibbs came up next to us.
"Well, he certainly is inventive, isn't he?" I said.
Gibbs helped Jack up on deck, and Jack handed him a corpses foot. "Not quite according to plan." Gibbs said.
"Well, complications arose, but they were overcome." Jack said, walking to the helm, kicking Adrian on the way, startling him awake. The crew came up on deck, as if by some magic they could sense Jack's prescence. I followed Jack.
"You got what you were looking for, then, right?" I asked, hopefully.
"Indeed, I did." he said, handing me a piece of rolled up cloth.
I glared at him. "You had to risk your life to break into a prison just to get a piece of cloth?"
"I think we were all expecting something a bit...shinier, sir." Gibbs said.
"Or at least something worth risking your life for!" I said. "I mean, seriously, how could a piece of cloth be so important that you would need to risk your life for it? You're so infuriating, Jack! Where's that stupid monkey? I want to shoot it."
That was a little habit Jack and I had developed. If ever we got frustrated at the other, we just shot Barbossa's undead monkey.
"Unroll the cloth." Jack said, waving his hand at me.
I unrolled it, to reveal a drawing of a key.
"It's a drawing of a key." Adrian said, behind my shoulder.
I whipped around. "Why thank you for that, Princess. I never would have figured it out on my own!"
"Yes, it is a drawing of a key," Jack said, snatching the cloth from my hand and stepping back down onto the deck. "And just what do keys do, gentlemen? And Blythe, Anamaria, and any princesses that may be on board. You guys can answer the question, also."
"Keys...unlock things?" a sailor said, unsurely.
"And whatever this key unlocks, inside there's something valueable. So...we're setting out to find whatever the key unlocks!" Gibbs said.
I sighed, and leaned against the railing of the stairs. "Now, Gibbs, just what good would it do to find that if we don't have to key to unlock it?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"So...we're setting out to find this key?" he asked.
"Now you're not making any sense at all." Jack said.
"He sound like he's making sense to me." Adrian muttered.
I looked at him. "For once, I think I might be able to agree with you on something. But Jack knows what he's doing. I think."
"Does anybody else have a question?" Jack asked.
"Do we have a heading?" Marty asked.
Jack took out his compass and twirled his finger around before pointing to his right and saying, "A general....that way direction! Come on, snap to and make sail, you know how this works!"
While everyone got to work, I followed Jack into the captain's quarters below. "What's going on?" I demanded.
"I have no idea what you're talking about." Jack said, sitting down.
"Oh, please, you think I didn't see past your little thing with the compass out there? What's going on with you, Jack?"
He sighed. "Honestly...I don't know." He paused and looked me up and down, frowning. "Where's the rope at?"
"I don't know, I think it's in the stores with the rest of our supplies."
"Good. Don't go in there, and don't touch it. Where's your pistol? And your sword. And any other weapon you may have."
"Why does it matter, Jack? I'm not a baby. I can handle things. Why do you keep acting so strange?"
"For matters of which..." he stopped, midsentence, and considered what he had been about to say. "For matters of which I cannot yet tell you. Nor do I want to tell you." he finished.
"I'll find it out one of these days, you know." I said.
"Yeah, that's what you said about finding our only living relative. How's that working out for ya?"
"I've found out our relative is a he. Gibbs slipped up on that part. It's only a matter of time before I find out the rest. Why aren't I allowed to know who he is, by the way?"
"Because I don't want to know who he is. Savvy? Now shoo. And stay away from weapons and pointy things and the edge of the boat."
I rolled my eyes. "Fine." I said, as I closed the door behind me.

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