Fave BANDS Repost!!! \m/

List your 5 favorite bands before answering these questions and repost!

I found this one on: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/isZuqnd/BAND-Repost-Xb

Chapter 1

I thought this was gonna be fun!

Pick five bands you like before answering the questions:

1. My Chemical Romance

2. Green Day

3. Fall Out Boy

4. Escape the Fate

5. Falling in Reverse

What was the first song you ever heard by 1?
Welcome to the Black Parade (Honestly, I discovered them because this song was popular...then I researched their other songs)

How did you find out about 4?
They were part of my "Bands to check out list". When I reached them, I ended up liking their songs! Also, since I liked FIR before ETF, and knew Ronnie was the original vocalist of the latter, I thought they must be good too! Then I listened to the songs where Craig was the singer and loved them too.

Favorite Lyrics of 3?
I like a lot of their lyrics but I choose: "My smile is an open wound without you"

Favorite song by 5?
...this is hard... most of them! If I were to pick: I'm Not a Vampire and The Drug in Me is You

What is your favorite song by 1?
Dead! or was it I'm Not Okay (I Promise)... or Helena maybe... The Ghost of You... Boy Division... o.O this is hard.

When did you first get into 2?
This was sometime in early 2009. I was at a CD store and saw a special American Idiot album which included a DVD of the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Holiday MVs, and the making of them. I bought it and ended up liking their songs, then searched their other songs and liked some of them too.

How did you get into 3?
Pretty much the same as how I got into Green Day. I actually bought Infinity on HIgh the same time I bought the special American Idiot album! (I liked them both at the same time!)

What's your favorite song by 4?
I can't pick one so I'll choose at least one for both Ronnie and Craig...
Ronnie- Not Good Enough for the Truth in Cliche, Cellar Door, Reverse This Curse
Craig- Gorgeous Nightmare, Something, You're Insane

Is there a song by 5 that makes you sad?

Whats your favorite song of 2?
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (my theme song!), Brutal Love, When it's Time

Favorite band members from each of them?
Can I make it short and say ALL?! JK. OK I'll play along...
MCR- Frank Iero, Bob Bryar (former member)
Green Day - Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool (Sorry Mike! You're cool too :P)
FOB- Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman
ETF- Max Green (ex member), Craig Mabbitt, Monte Money
FIR- Jacky Vincent, Ryan Seaman *fangirls after typing Ryan's name *

Favorite album from 2?
American Idiot

Have you ever seen 1 live?
I wish I could've! When they came to my country I was too young to watch, and my parents didn't allow me, and when I saw them on TV and said "That's the artist whose concert I wanted to go to!" my mom said they were "crazy" based on how they looked and how Gerard performed... And since they're currently disbanded, I won't be able to see them live ever. Unless... they have a reunion concert in the future.


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