If You're There

Chapter 1


by: Shackled
Today, a young girl in seventh grade at the junior high in my town committed suicide and hung herself on the bleachers of the school's football field. The news spread through the schools faster than I'd ever imagined it could. Found by the school's band teacher, the girl had reportedly been bullied and the school had done nothing to stop it.

This girl was eleven years old and was in seventh grade. Her older sister is fifteen and is in ninth grade with me. They have been in the foster care system for quite some time. They aren't particularly liked by everyone and they're house is certainly not a home.

Everyone is devastated, even the ones who didn't know her. Just the thought of this happening is unsettling with everyone here. I, personally, did not know her, but it just breaks my heart that it came to this. Is this the only way to get the message through? Is this the only way to jolt people enough to be nice and not make people feel so awful as if to take their own lives?

I heard people in the hallways at the high school saying that she deserved all of the crap that she was getting and that she did the right thing by killing herself. I can't believe it. Are you really so awful as if to say that a young girl had the right idea by killing herself?

She had a whole life ahead of her! She was only in seventh grade! This incident truly just breaks my heart.

I've been thinking all day about what I would say to her if I had the chance. I've finally decided upon it. I would have said "I love you. I know it may not mean much, but it's true. You have a whole life ahead of you. You have friends. They can be your home. You have me. You can have the help of so many people. I'm so sorry for not reaching out sooner. I'm so sorry. Let me help you. Let me love you."

I regret every bad thing I have ever done. Today has really opened my eyes.

If you're there and you need some help, please come talk to me about it. Let me help you. I want to let you know that you are perfect, loved, and so much more! I'll always be here to help. You can even reach me at my email (taytay.jesusfreak@gmail.com) which I use more often. I want to help you.

I've said all of this because I want you to understand what has gone through my head today. It's come to this. This was the end of a child's life and now people are starting to realize that their actions have consequences, whether it's directed at them or not. Think about it, today, and tell someone you love them.


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