Our Writing Being Reviewed. If you want your stories to get out there read and comment. (READ CHAPTER 2)

Chapter 1

My friend

Hey guys, so my friend Amber reviews teen writers work. She'll review any kind of story and promote it to her readers. She describes the work and then she includes little parts of each story. Amber said that if I could get her a queue of stories she'd read them and rave about them. They can be from any website. If you'd like her to read one or more of your stories comment below or private message me so that I can get her a basic list.

This is an opportunity for all of us. Amber said that as soon as she could, she would be getting in contact with a publisher and convincing them to look over some of the stories. If they agree then we as a group of writers could be recognized for being the strong writers we really are.

Any stories, and genres are appreciated. If you comment also comment with a name that you'd like her to use when she's talking about it. If you'd like to recognize one of your friends make sure to comment and let me know. Anyone is welcome to comment and give us ideas. Since Amber lost her first blog she's starting new with Quibblo and Wattpad and wants to make sure the word gets out.

To check out her new blog, check out youngauthorreviews.blogspot.com she'd love to get her followers back.

Come on guys, it's so simple. Just comment, add a link to the story and a name to call you by.

For now,

Lilly and Amber!

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