May i stay?

"Please let me stay"
When Amelia hears these words from a stranger. Her life changes. For the better? Or for the worse.

Chapter 1


by: Needles
I was interested in the after life. My whole family believed in Christ. But ever since i was thirteen it seemed so silly to believe in him. To go to a magical place called heaven or perish in the earth to a place called hell. I love science and we've been to space, no heaven. We know about the earth like the mantle,crust and the core of the earth ,no hell. Before my brother left for the army i use to sit in his room and we'd talk about things like that. When that topic came up he had also said that he believed in the whole god thing. "But why?" He seemed so interested in space and he knew there was no heaven! "Because Amelia, Death is a scary place all humans are scared of it. They may say they don't but when the time comes they'll be bawling like a baby." I cocked an eyebrow. "Uhm Okay? i'm so confused." He laughed. "Let me finish what i'm saying so maybe you won't be confused. People don't want to just end. They want to know there's something better on the other side. There scared. And so they need hope and they need to know there's a heaven so they feel less scared and more accepting to death. Don't you notice? More old people go to church than young." I thought about this. "I guess i understand. So your scared of death?" He nodded and stared out my window. "I'm about to go to war. So of course there's a possibility that i won't be coming back. Through all i'm hoping there's a god that will be watching over me. If it's my time to fly with the angels than it's my time." I was about to make him promise that he would come back but no one can keep that heavy of a promise. So i shut my mouth and nodded.He kissed the top of my head. "I got to go kiddo the plane will leave without me." I went under the covers and waved. He smiled at me and stared at me for awhile. "What's wrong?" He looked at the ground then walked over to me. "You know how dad hits you sometimes?" I nodded. "I want to give you something that will protect you." He handed me a necklace that was blue and black swirling in the middle,it had a weird symbol in the middle and the chain was rusty. "This helped me when i was younger but.." He trailed off. I got up and hugged him. "Thank you,i love it" I put the necklace on and smiled. He did a weak smile and without saying anything walked out the door. I just stared at it wondering if he would come back and say he was staying. But ten minutes went by and i knew that he would never do that. I grabbed the necklace tightly and hummed a lullaby that my mom use to sing to me. I rocked slowly back and forth and felt my eyes tear up. All of a sudden something hit against my window hard. I ran to the window and opened it. A girl hung on the edge of the window seal. "Little help?" i helped her in and she fell to the ground. She stood up and dusted her dress. She was a little bit older than me but not taller. She had long black hair past her hips. A hair piece stood out because it was silver and in the shape of a skull. Her dress was black and white but only went down to her knees. She had black tights on and white boots that had a million buckles. She had white ribbons tied around her wrist and the same necklace as me but with the whole thing black and the symbol blue. The strangest thing though was that she had small black wings sticking out her back. When she smiled at me i saw her two canine teeth sharp as a knife. "Uhm can i crash her tonight?" I just stared at her.

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