Letters to the dead. (Harry Potter and Hunger Games)

Okay, listen up, I'm writing some letters of fandom including, HP and HG. You can comment with suggestions that who to whom the letters would be. Can include celebrities, songs etc. Only tragic things. No happiness allowed here T_T
I'll be copying and pasting some letters so NO RUDE COMMENTS please. Please. Other than that, do comment, rate etc. ♥ XD
And this is a Group Story, my partners are Jadiebear (Khadija8888) and Iresha (iresha) You can find Them in my Top Friends ADD THEM PLEASE!

Chapter 4

Katniss to Prim (The Hunger Games)

Dear Prim,
Prim, your beloved sister Katniss is here. Without you, I don't have a reason to live, but I have to go on haven't I? I'm the Mockingjay. But I miss you! :'(

Atleast one thing is good... At first, I doubted your words but you know what? The tracker-jacker curse is wearing off and Peeta is regaining his memory. He even asked me about about how I tried to save his life at the Games. Buttercup sulks alot, and I know he misses you.. We were never close, but now we do have one thing in common: You. He feels your absence and misses you a lot!
Gale's not with us, he's back at District 2. And I know he is extremely guilty at your death, but somehow, I'm starting to hate him and Beetee.

Now that I'm in control of the Capitol, I want them to have a taste of their own medicine! Now they are going to pay. Take part in the Hunger games. Specially because Snow has a granddaughter and she is going to be selected for the reaping! Time's done for comfort Capitol! The Games are on their way!
Without you, Prim, I could never be the Mockingjay.


P.S. Enclosing a paw-print of Buttercup.
P.P.S. Peeta and I are going to plant spring prim-roses in our garden.


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