All I Want For Christmas is You~A Love Story

What is love? Is it hidden in the friend zone? Can the friend zone just disappear and they can be in a relationship? Just like a project, Kevin and Allison find out the real answer...

Chapter 1

by: CaughtUp
Hello, another story from me :) I hope you enjoy it, cause it's based on my life, and I just wanted to try writing about it. Thank you!


Pencil Case- Check!
Notebooks and textbooks- Check!
Water Bottle, Chopsticks and Spoon- Check!
Files- Check!
Confidence to go to school?- Nope

Adding the little sentence 'confidence to go to school?' Allison shook her head as she faced the door like it was waiting for her to open it. Still looking proudly at her organized bag, Allison gave it a sad smile. She wasn't ready to face the drama again. Ever since Gun Joon, her last crush turned her down and rejected her.

As her hair tumbles over her jacket, Allison notices the bag embraces her as she sighs and gets ready for the school. Slipping into her sneakers, she pressed the elevator button and waited. Wishing time to go fast, Allison wanted the school to pass quickly so she can go back home and just lie in her bed.

Adjusting her hair in the mirror that stuck to the wall, she looked back at the elevator door as it arrived to the first floor. Groaning, Allison strutted out the elevator and started to walk. As she glimpsed out- she changed her expression when she met one of her best friends, Jenny.

We arrive together to school as I sit in my seat. A few minutes later, Kevin, my best guy friend arrives. I noticed him and walk to his seat.

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