Sadie is a 14 yearold girl who's friends with Levi and Avery. Sadie doesnt get in trouble that much, but Levi does. School, stores and parking lots. Levi is accused of stealing money raised for charity for the school.nobody expects Dylan but everybody expects it to be Levi. Levi steals from people, and stores.he's been in school fights, and been expelled. Levi has to make up for his mistake by working at a "Dogs Only" traing place for dogs and make up the money. But Levi gets arrested for.......

Chapter 1

Just Friends

im just waiting to get out. i've been stuck for hours. when will this mightmare end? 45 minutes to go. "Ok class, get out your history books and homework."
Mrs. White, our history teacher. "I will be picking up your homework." "Sadie, did you finish your homework?" my best friend Avery, whispering. "Yeah". I gave Avery my homework sheet. "Come on, hurry!" "Sorry". I tried to grab my homework, but too late. "Ms. Carson". I gulped and said "Yes, Mrs.White?" "Where is your homework?" I stopped. "You did it, correct?" "Yes" I said. "Then where is it?" "Well, i left it at my house" "Oh really?" She went over by Avery, and grabbed a piece of paper and said "Then whats this?" I sighed. "don't let me catch you doing this again." She looked at me and Avery. "Sorry." When school ending Avery caught up to me. "Hey! Wait up!" I stopped. "Look im really sorry" Said Avery. "Oh, it's ok. I wouldnt mind getting in trouble anyways." "So we're going to your'e house to study?" "You mean studying as in playing video games, and talking about drama? Right." "Yep exactly" Said Avery. Soon after my friend Levi caught up to us. "Hey guys!" He said. "Oh hey Levi." "You guys going to study?" "Yep" Said Avery. "So, can I well- Yes. I said. "You can come over." Levi liked coming over to my house. I'd sayit was really fun. I have 2 dogs, and a Bearded Dragon. We all like animals. When we arrived at my house he immediatly went to the fridge. "You got any pizza rolls?" Levi asked. "Yes." Said my mother. "Hi Mrs.Carson" "Welcome, help yourself. She said. Me and Avery went up to my room. "So now what?" Asked Avery."Hmm" s soon as i said Levi came halfway in. "Oops." He knocked on the door. "May i come in?" "Oh of course." I said. He came in and plopped on my bed. "Sooo. Whatcha guys reading?" Levi said trying to look into Avery's Journal. "NOTHING." Avery said closing her book. "Ok, Ok dont tell me." Levi has short kind of dark brown, average height, and i guess average weight. He was kind of muscular, and had great smile. He was wearing a Light blue shirt with "Cool story bro" on it. He's a very funny and nice person. gray pants, and a piercing on his ear. Avery has long dark brown hair, and is kind of short. She's pretty, athletic sometimes. Wearing a grey and green shirt saying just smile written on it. I however remind me of Avery. Long brown hair and as tall as Levi, wearing a white shirt (the kind that is tilted on the side where you have to wear a shirt underneath it) with a big black peace sign on it. and light blue shorts. So anyways, Levi was trying to ask me a question but kept on looking at Avery like he wanted her out. "Well, umm never mind." "No what?" I asked. He glanced over at Avery. "Hey umm Avery?" "Yeah yeah. Im out" She said. "Theres something i wanted to ask you, but i didnt really have a chance." He said looking down. "Yeah?" "I wanted to ask you if, you wanted to go out with me." I hesitated. "Look Levi, i like you but, i dont you know." I felt sorry for what i said. His face looked like he was about to cry, but he didnt. "Oh yeah, yeah i gotcha." He said scratching his head. He checked his phone. "Hey i got to go, my mom wants me home." I knew he was lying because he was upset i said no. But i gave him a hug and said "im sorry Levi" I could see him rush out of my house,a dn down to his street. The whole reason why i didnt want to go out with him well because relationships dont last long for some people, but i know friendships will never end. I told Avery what happened. "Wow, you lost that one." "What do you mean?" I asked looking confused. "Well he's not going to take you back or whatever, when you want him." I thought about what she said. "Well, you probably right. But he'll find someone."A little later, Avery had to leave and i decided to go to bed. I really felt sorry about what Levi asked. I should have said yes. I did like Levi, but i knew he would move on, or move away or something would get in the way. When i woke up i was still thinking about Levi. i rode the bus to school, and Levi rode the bus too, I didnt see him though. "Wheres Levi?" I asked Dylan his best bud. "I dont know, he was over at your house." He said with a smile. "What you didnt like it?" I rolled my eyes. "Thats not what happened. He asked me out and i said no." i said. "Wow no wonder he's not on the bus." "Have you spoke to him lately?" "No. But remember, if you ask him out he'll probably say no." Then he turned away. At first i did understand what Avery said, but how Dylan said it, it worried me a little. I was anxious to go to class to see him, but he skipped a lot of the classes he went to. But then i found him walking down the hall. "Hey!" I hollard. He stopped. "Hey." He said normaly. "You ok. Im sorry." "Oh its ok." "Hey the reason why i said no because i didnt think it would work out. something might come between us." "So you thought, something would happen?" He said wih squinted eyes. "Well yeah i guess." "Ok." "Hey it's not like i dont like you, i just- Look if you don like me do like me, fine but you need to make up you're mind." He seemed angry. I couldnt resist the feeling. He smiled. Then held me close. I hugged him tight.The he kissed me. i couldnt resist him. Then we heard Avery. "Ahem." She said. He let go of me. "Dont mean to umm disrupt your session." Avery said. "I cam to bring you your homework." "Thanks." I grabbed my homework, and waited ti'll she left. "That was awkward." Levi said. "I got to go. To class." "Yeah umm me too." We both walked past eachother, and i'm sure he looked back. As soon as school was over, i saw Levi waiting for me, or someone at the school exit. "Hey, just the girl i was looking for." Levi said with a smile. "Hey." "So maybe this time. my place. Something different for a change." I thought a momment. "Sure." I said. I grabbed his hand, as he walked me down his street. But he let go of it as soon as he saw a group of guys walk passed us.Then e walked to the other side of the street. "Where are you going?" I looked back at them. "Levi!" "Shhh!" He said looking at me. He waved his hand for me to go over there. "What were you doing?" "Nothing." He said. "Wait, were you embarresed, of me because a group of guys walked past us?" I asked. "What, no no. See thats not it." "Then what." I asked we were walking down the street, to his house. I wasnt sure what he was doing but it worried me a little bit. "Those guys looked like, you know the guys in movies." He said smiling. "So you thought they were, bad?" I asked. "Yeah, just for your protection." Then why did you let-We're almost here." He interupted me. He held my hand and smiled at me. A short smile. As soon as we got in we went straight up to his room. He jumped then sat on his bad, and patted the bed for me to sit on it. He put his arm around my shoulder, and said "So, what do you and avery do at your house?" "Well, we talk." "Talk?" About what?" I hesitated to answer. "Of drama and stuff." I put my head on his shoulder. "About you." "About me? well, what do you talk about me." He asked. "Well, about how cute you were." I giggled when i told 'em. "You are so amazing, you know that?" I lifted my head up. "Your just as amazing." I kissed him and i guess you can say made out. I had to go home and Levi walked me home. As soon as we arrived at the door step her was about to kiss me but saw my dad. "Oh hey Mr.Carson, just dropping off your daughter." "Yes i can see that." My dad said with a frown look. "Come on Sadie." Levi waved me goodbye, i waved back. I knew my dad was going to yell at me for going out with Levi. It will come. "What did i tell you about dating until 15?" "Dad and what didi tell you about im almost 15 anyways." I said folding my arms. "You're too young, Sadie." "Your fathers right honey. Your're too young to be dating." My mom said. "Ok, whatever." "Honey, please dont talk to your mother like that." "What age did you start dating, mom?" "Well, i was 15 actually, and it wasnt your father. But that doesnt matter, he's also dangerous. He might et in into lots of trouble, and we dont want that.Also i knew what i was doing." "And i dont?" I went up to my room, and thought about what my dad said. Maybe i am too young, and what if he is too bad, for me. Saying bad made me shiver inside.


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