Omegle Friend

Hey this is a true story about someone really special I met.
However, all the names and locations are made up to save the identities of the people (friends) that I know. If you enjoy it leave me a comment :) thanks for reading

Chapter 1


Sitting all alone in my room is pretty boring. I whip out my iPod and see what games I can play. None of them catch my interest. Usually these games can keep me entertained for hours, Where's My Water, CamWow, Temple Run Oz, Guitar Hero and some other games but I wasn't in the mood right about now. So I opened up my Safari (Internet). My friend Sydney had told me about how she met this really cool guy on this site called Omegle, so I decided to check it out. When I got onto the site it read "Omegle Talk To Strangers" I was a bit nervous to talk to random people but eventually I clicked 'Start Chat.' My first conversation went like this:

Stranger: Hey
You: Hi
Stranger: asl?
You: What's asl?
Stranger: Age?
You: 16
Stranger: Gender?
You: female
Stranger: Location?
You: USA
Stranger: Cool, 19m USA
You: Cool
Your conversational partner has disconnected

And just like that my conversation was over.

After a few months of secretly using omegle (my parents are afraid of rapists and pedos, I don't blame them) I got the hang of it. I discovered that 95% of people are 'excited' and want dirty pictures or want to talk to dirty, so need less to say I don't share any personal information at all (besides the first time). However, this one day everything changed:

You: Hey
Stranger: Hey
You: How are you?
Stranger: good you?
You: I'm fine thanks
You: asl?
Stranger: 17m Greenland
You: Sweet ^-^ f16 USA
Stranger: Cool

The conversation went on and he told me alot about himself. Turns out we had alot in common, we both like taking care of kids, enjoying nature etc. Then he finally asked me:

Stranger: Whats your name?

I had to cover, just incase he's not who he says he is so I said:

You: Shayla

Why did I use my real name?
How do I know he's not some creep?
Should I disconnect? But he's sweet, I don't want to seem rude. Oh well there's nothing I can do now, he already knows.

Stranger: What a beautiful name, I'm Max

Max. What a name so common but amazing at the same time. :)))

You: Nice, I like your name too :)

Lies. I completely loved it. I just met this guy and I already feel like I like him and I'm not even sure if he's real. I don't even know what he looks like.

Stranger: Do you have a kik?
You: yeah, user?
Stranger: You first :)
You: It's foreveryoung247
Stranger: I'll add you
You: Ok :)

From then on we talked everyday. He said we were best friends but I don't want to be best friends, I want to be more than friends. Being in another continent than I am, it was hard to actually talk long. Either I had to wake up really early or he had to stay up really late but it was worth it.

He told me about this girl he liked and I began to get jealous. Why am I jealous? He doesn't even know that I like him, I haven't showed it to him either. So to cover it up, I began being rude to him. After a few weeks he got over her and began liking me. Why me? I'm not pretty like all the other girls. I don't have that perfect skinny body, the perfect hair, the perfect sparkling eyes. There's nothing attractive about me. All of this insecurity in me began to change how I acted towards Max. Every time he called me beautiful, pretty, cute, perfect, it made me feel worse about myself. I'm not any of those things, especially not perfect. It got to the point where I got annoyed by every little thing Max told me as if I didn't care, when in reality I did. Then one day he said it, those words I didn't want to hear.

M: Shay..
M: I love you..

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