The Elemental School~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 3

Tyler Godrick: Air

by: cjcj
Get back to school, and start things off with an old school briefing... fun. People smiled at me and greeted me as we walked out. I had just gotten back from a low priority mission in the Siberian alps, it was nice, not the most exiting place.

i knew my status on the team. They think of my as a jokster, someone whose there mainly for moral. Being a sophomore, i didn't have the highest rank.

But what none of these people knew, was that im the most powerful person on the team. A monk in Siberia taught me how to channel my anger into great power. It was true i could only get this powerful when im extremely angry, but then i was unstoppable.

But this rarely happened. I walked down the hall greeting my old friends, smiling to everyone. Eventually i ended up on the school grounds next the the woods. I made a soft breeze blow through my red hair. A group of girls that had once looked at me like a friend stared at me as i walked by. I have to admit, getting a six pack over the summer isnt a bad thing.

I finnaly got back to my dorm room to find my roomate. it just had to be the most serious and boring person in the school, Smith.

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