The Elemental School~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 2

Nadia Rose: water

I raise my hand and tilt my head to the right a little.
"Yes, Nadia?" Brendan asks.
"I was wondering if we were supposed to go to our same groups as last year?" I ask.
Last year I was with the nerds because of my constant straight A's.
"Yes, Nadia." Brendan says.
"Okay." I say.
No one asks anymore questions, probably they are going to wait until everyone leaves and ask their question privately. I walk out with my junior school books and go to find my dorm.
"Hey Nadia." I hear Jessica yell.
"Hello Jessica." I say.
Jessica is in the nerd group and pretends to be my friend, but then she goes to the popular girls and basically give them stuff to tease me with. I pretend not to know, but I don't care about what she does. I know the only reason she does that is so they don't tease her.
"What are you up to?" Jessica asks.
"Just going to go to my dorm, check it out." I say
"Can I come too?" she asks.
I nod my head and she follows me to my dorm.

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