The Elemental School~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 15

Tyler Godrick: Air

by: cjcj
My 3 least favorite places that ive ever woken up:
-On the floor of a public bathroom
-Top of the statue of liberty, long story
-And hung over smith's shoulder.

He brought me back to our room, we both got cleaned up, then went to the meeting. It was kinda awkward, since we didn't like each-other, yet he just saved my life. Plus i was still kinda wet from the speed bath he gave me. (sending a blast of water at me then pulling most of it off)

Me, smith, and lacy explained what happened privately to Brandon. It wasn't the funnest talking about how i was passed out for half of it, but it had to be done. We told him we didn't have a clue who the figure was, so there really wasn't a use for him telling everyone.

He then dismissed us all from the meeting, with the advice to keep an eye out for anyone who could do special stuff with fire.

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