The Elemental School~ An Original Group Story

Chapter 1

Brendan James: Fire

I looked around the room in front of me with distaste. It was my apartment, my cheap, small, one room apartment. It wasn’t the apartment that my expression was pointed at however, not at all, I loved my apartment, this expression was directed towards the people currently sitting in it. The seven teenagers who I was responsible for, too some extend at least.

All of us are elementals; elementals have inhabited the world since.... well since the beginning of man. Some think of us as a superior evolution, a species with the ability to control the four elements. For years elementals thought that we where the decedents of another type of humanoid. In the last couple of decades however this theory was proved wrong, we are homosapien, just like everyone else on this planet. The only difference between us and normal humans is our ancestors where effected by the shock wave of a meteorite, a meteorite from some far away unknown planet. These shock waves gave... powers... to our ancestors. That’s about the extend we really know about it, the extend ive bothered to learn at least. What we do know however is where that meteorite landed. And that’s what we eight are for. Because that meteorite landed smack bam underneath a high school, our high school.

“Ok soldiers” I said raising my voice to get them to all quieten down. I recognised six of the seven faces in front of me. I was the only senior, hence being in charge. Next bellow me on our rankings where our three juniors, Nadia- water, Lacy- air and Amber – earth. Next we had the three sophomores’ smith- water. Tyler- air and Estelle – fire. Then we came to the face I didn’t recognise, the new kid, and a freshman.

“Well, as you can all see there is a new kid with us. I’m guessing he is earth as that is the final element we need, what’s your name kid?” I sat down in a small been bag, stretching myself out across it as much as possible.
“John” the boy said in a quiet voice.
“Ok, well everyone here, but you john knows the drill.” People sitting around in front of me nodded, obviously hoping that I wouldn’t repeat what we were doing here to them all again. “So they’ll just have to sit and listen again. One of them will be giving this talk to the new freshman’s next year as well so they better get familiar with it. This school we attended is sat on top of the meteorite that fuels all of our powers. Without it we have no powers, closer we are to it the stronger we get. Only problem is if someone ever managed to dig it up and harness it they would become invincible. This isn’t a problem unless it came into the hands of oh, say the superiors” the superiors were a group of elementals who thought they were better than humans and should be allowed to enslave and wipe them out “or a human who wanted to become an elemental, or destroy the meteorite which would also destroy all of us in the process” I looked around as some people gulped at this comment. “So we are here to make sure that doesn’t happen. It simple really, keeps an eye out for suspicious activity, talk to the other students make sure they stay ignorant to what’s going on around them.... oh and don’t get found out. No human knows who we are. And that’s final.” I gave a pointed look to lacy before continuing, she looked guilty when I did, good I thought, she should after last year. “Any questions?”

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