My Thoughts on the World

Thought since I have a lot of crazy thoughts might as well write some out :P

Chapter 1


So for English class we watched a video on sort of like the real life Romeo and Juliet. Of course it was after Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet but their happen to be a war between Muslim people and Siberians? I think... I don't really remember but anyway it cause to people who were in real love with each other to die making people call them the real life Romeo and Juliet. My point is.... War is stupid and pointless! Just think about it war causes death, pain, and suffering. It scars people physically and mentally! It solves NOTHING at all it makes the problems worse and last a long time causing peoples lives! WE ARE ALL HUMAN SO WHY ARE WE FIGHTING EACH OTHER?! I know what you're thinking "Its because we all have different views on the world and blabity blah blah blah!" That maybe true but the thing is... Maybe if we wouldn't sacrifice people or hurt people or do anything involving destruction such as guns, grenades, etc. then maybe we would get along. Like why WOULD you want to harm people just like you trying to figure out who you are in this jacked up world of ours?!?! IT SHOWS YOU'RE WEAKNESS! If you bully someone you know you're weak in the inside thats why you lash out or its just you have a different opinion same in war. Therefore, war is stupid and pointless thing that cause way to much damage and pain.


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